A new day for veterans in Dallas

Mayor Eric Johnson speaks at a Veterans Day press conference outside of Dallas City Hall on Nov. 11, 2020.

Today is Veterans Day — a day to express gratitude to those who have served the country and a day to recognize the unique challenges that face veterans.

It’s critical now for Dallas to commit to preparing its veterans for long lives after combat. Some veterans have a difficult time reintegrating back into the workforce, family life, and society. It’s time to fight for them by fighting for Dallas to become the best city for veterans in the United States.

To achieve that goal, I announced a new initiative today: I have asked the City Council Workforce, Education, and Equity Committee to develop an ordinance that will establish a new City of Dallas Veterans Affairs Commission.

Check out KRLD’s story on the proposal here.

The Veterans Affairs Commission can help the City Council properly assess veterans’ needs. And the commission can serve as a contact point for veterans who need help navigating city government and services.

This is important because Dallas is home to nearly 43,000 veterans. That means Dallas has more veterans than the entire populations of some neighboring towns here in North Texas.

In addition, Dallas plays a major role in the lives of veterans throughout the North Texas region. The City of Dallas has a veterans treatment court. Southern Dallas is home to the Dallas VA Medical Center. And the city government employs more than 1,000 veterans.

The Veterans Affairs Commission is an exciting initiative. Dallas owes a debt of gratitude to its veterans, and this commission can help identify ways to make their lives better.

With proper programs, job training, and guidance, Dallas can help its veterans lead the kind of lives they have fought so hard for the rest of us to have. And the City Council and community partners can decide how best to invest in veterans and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

May God bless our veterans, the City of Dallas, and the United States of America.



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Mayor Eric Johnson

Mayor Eric Johnson

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