Dallas: an international city

The City Council can make clear on Wednesday that Dallas stands with Ukraine.

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Relentless pursuit of perfection

Back to local affairs: If you want to see improvements in services, you have to be willing to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s true inside Dallas City Hall, and it’s true in regards to the city’s partnerships with outside agencies.

Public safety

Dallas continues to receive national attention for the “kitchen sink” approach to reducing violent crime — an approach that has helped the city buck national trends.

Community quick hits

I have been all across the city recently for some outstanding events. Here’s a quick look at some of what’s going on out there in Dallas:

  • It’s Women’s History Month! The five women of the Dallas City Council hosted an event at City Hall to commemorate the month that honors the contributions of women to this city and to the country. This month, be sure to drop by the Girl Scouts’ Climb With Courage Wall honoring women entrepreneurs at the Galleria. And bring some cash if you want to buy some cookies.
  • Over in southern Dallas, Genesis Women’s Shelter recently opened a new counseling services center and thrift shop. This is a big deal: it will make it easier to help survivors of domestic violence in an underserved part of the city. Also, good news: family violence assaults are down by nearly 15% this year.
  • WrestleMania festivities are coming back to Dallas in less than a month! A kickoff event in West Dallas — where a WrestleMania mural was unveiled — featured WWE superstars and Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons and team legend Drew Pearson. Click here to see some photos of the event from CW33.
  • I had the pleasure of reading to kids at S.S. Conner Elementary for the final day of Black History Month. The kids were attentive, engaged, and brilliant. It was a truly inspiring experience.
  • The Dallas Assembly hosted an event in Uptown featuring a panel of five of my predecessors. It was delightful to see them all together and to deliver opening remarks for the occasion. They talked about their time in office, their frustrations with the form of government, and what they believed to be the city’s biggest challenge (education was resoundingly named as the top issue, with former Mayor Tom Leppert saying that at some point, Dallas’ progress in education “has to be quantum leaps” rather than just “incremental steps”). Whatever you may think of their politics or their tenures in this job, they should all be commended for their willingness to serve the people of this great city.



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