Mayor Johnson calls for more bipartisan action on major issues in Roll Call column

DALLAS — In a new column published Thursday by Roll Call, Mayor Eric Johnson lauded the U.S. Senate’s recent passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill and called on Congress to continue its bipartisan approach to tackling major issues.

The column, titled “Make a deal and get it done: The case for more bipartisanship,” asserts that the national debate over President Joe Biden’s agenda “is about far more than the cost of rebuilding our country’s crumbling infrastructure. It is about rebuilding our nation’s political discourse.”

To read the column, click here.

Mayor Johnson was elected in the city’s nonpartisan mayoral race in 2019 after serving for nearly a decade in the Texas Legislature. In the column, he wrote about his growing disdain for partisanship and about how local governments often provide a reprieve from rhetorical shenanigans that emphasize personalities over the efficacy of policies.

“Both parties these days have a proclivity to only demand bipartisanship from the other — and then castigate their opponents for failing to win their support, which they had never planned to provide anyway,” Mayor Johnson wrote. “Reaching across the aisle is met too often with a slap of the hand. This ‘bipartisanship for thee, but not for me’ attitude will kill the country’s growth and progress.”

The mayor further called on people to “start being radical about being reasonable.” He encouraged Americans to get engaged and demand that politicians from their own political parties “give a little” and work together as they have done thus far on the infrastructure bill.

“There will be plenty of time for political brouhahas on other issues,” Mayor Johnson wrote. “But on issues such as making our families and our country more competitive in a changing world, Republicans and Democrats need to tell their elected leaders what we hear our constituents of all political persuasions say to us in Dallas: Make a deal and get it done.”



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