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Introducing DallE2NFT

DALL-E is a project from Elon Musk’s OpenAI group that was first rolled out in January 2021 and was able to create visuals depending on the features specified by the user. DALL-E 2 was presented later this year in April 2022, boasting better resolution and reduced latency than the original one, with more realistic and accurate images.

It is arguably the most powerful image-generating tool in the world and a perfect example of AI cutting into the domain of creativity. And for good reasons — what other tool can make you multiple examples of “multicolor 3d render of crazy sloth in glasses” in a matter of seconds?


Is the future of NFT artwork powered by AI? We certainly believe so. Infinite possibilities open up with the adoption of AI-based NFTs and it is highly possible that DALL-E is the top candidate to become your next favorite artist.

So what the fk is Dalle2NFT?

Dalle2NFT is the world’s first DALL•E-Generated NFT minter.

The user journey is very simple — you provide a link to a published generation, give your Dall•E artwork some meaningful name (please use this chance, cause once it is minted, the name cannot be changed) and have it uploaded to IPFS with a click of a button. After making sure everything is correct — you press ‘Mint’ and the artwork appears in your wallet as an ERC721 token (NFT).


How Safe is It to Mint with Dalle2NFT?

DalleNFT ERC721 contract is deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and verified on Etherscan.

After uploading the metadata (picture + other data) to IPFS and proceeding with the NFT Mint — nothing can be changed. It stays on chain forever.

The contract owner doesn’t have any power or rights over the created NFTs — they all belong to corresponding minters and retain all the rights to hold, sell or transfer them.

What are the costs?

Dalle2NFT is operating currently on zero fees (the contract owner has a right to introduce minting fees after some time, but they will be proportional to gas paid, so it will be just several percent of your gas).

The only cost that artist bares at this stage is the network fees for the Mint transaction on Ethereum which is around 150k gas (with the gas price of 28gwei it costs 7$ to mint).

Created by a passionate team of shadowy super coders with artistic souls we focus on delivering an easy-to-use tool to promote ownership of your creation for any AI artist or enthusiast.

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