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Building the Dam: Why I Decided to Start A(nother) Venture Capital Blog

Dam Venture — a former beaver stopping the flow of nonsense in the Venture Capital ecosystem.

I’m Andrew, and this is my quarter life crisis.

Ostensibly I’m new to venture capital. At least, new by venture capital definitions. I’m a senior associate at Builders VC, prior to that I was at a deep tech firm Riot VC for a couple of years. In what seems like another life, I used to write software at NASA JPL. So what qualifies me to write a blog about one of the oldest and most experience-driven industries in the world?

Absolutely nothing. And that’s precisely why I’m doing it.

As cliche as it sounds, I’m not a typical VC. As much as I hate to claim this identity, I’m a beaver, an alumnus of Caltech, a school so technically focused that I hold a bachelor of science degree in English. By extension, I come from a highly technical background. I spent my college days buried in in problem sets and code debugs, and never dreamed of working in finance or anything other than engineering. Funny how that works out, but I firmly believe that this background is the future of venture capital.

The thesis of the blog in short is that times are changing. Venture isn’t the same industry it was 10 years ago. But it isn’t new either. And I want to be a part of the first wave of new venture by bringing transparency, efficacy, and efficiency to an industry that itself is rather antiquated.

What I noticed when I started my job is that there’s no real content coming from junior VCs directed to other junior VCs and people interested in becoming VCs. Sure, you can find recycled sound bytes distilled into the “top 10 things junior investors need to know” or the “top 100 questions to ask a founder during a pitch,” but let’s be honest, they suck. Each and every resource for a junior VC is a formulaic repetition of mediocre thought-level “consensus.”

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that you will never find alpha in consensus bets. And that’s why I’m starting Dam Venture. I want to build the reservoir of knowledge that we wished I’d had before looking at jobs in venture capital, and during the formational years of my (still early) career, and more than anything, stop the flow of nonsense. Stop the flow of people congratulating themselves, writing half-hearted LinkedIn posts for their founders, and skirting around the hard topics that we need to discuss as an industry to move forward. By the next generation of venture capitalists, for the next generation of venture capitalists (and of course, anyone else related to the industry).

I’m here for hot takes. I’m here for challenging the status quo. I’m here as the next generation of venture capital. I’ll discuss the hard topics, and I won’t hold back.

That’s it. That’s the hook. It’s all I have for now.

What can I promise in return for your readership? Honestly? Not much. Two posts a month. A slightly-less-than-boring writing style. And the thoughts of someone, who, despite dedicating my career to this industry, still wants to see it change. Hopefully, in time, this becomes a community of early career VC writers. All of us sharing the unfiltered knowledge that we gain.

Welcome to Dam Venture: my billet-doux to venture capital and all of the weird dynamics that the industry entails.

I hope you enjoy your stay.



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Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

Senior Associate at Builders VC (https://www.builders.vc/) obsessed with transforming pen and paper industries through advanced technology.