10 easy ways journalists can better verify, monitor and manage social media

My speaker notes from: Build a Better Journalist Conference, January 23, 2016

Source: http://www.wfsj.org/course/en/L10/10FacebookWFSJ.png

Traditional two sources. Is this relevant in this day and age? What about social media? News increasingly likely to break on Twitter or other social media

Breaking News

  1. Trending topics — follow the #tag
  2. Ask can you trust it? (e.g. spoof Prof Jeff Jarvis account) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/11/15/one-mans-hard- lesson-after-mistaking-the-eiffel-towers-darkness-for-a-moving-tribute/
  3. Verified accounts. Cross check with LinkedIn etc. Use common sense! https://twitter.com/JeffJarvis https://www.facebook.com/jeff.jarvis http://www.journalism.cuny.edu/cunyj_profiles/jeff-jarvis/


  1. Google image search — and reverse image search
  2. Image date search tools like Tineye: https://www.tineye.com/
  3. Tweetdeck for monitoring #tags, geo location etc. https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/

Managing social media overload

  1. Create Twitter lists + IFTT
  2. Buzzsuno: http://buzzsumo.com/
  3. Nuzzel: http://nuzzel.com/
  4. AllTop: http://alltop.com/
Damian Radcliffe, University of Oregon @damianradcliffe January 2016