59 Media Mentions / Interviews, 6 Workshops and Conference Speeches: my public engagement activity in 2018

Damian Radcliffe
Dec 31, 2018 · 6 min read
Image by John C Thompson via Flickr. Talking local newspapers at Newsrewired, London, UK, July 18.

This post follows an earlier round-up listing my research, journalistic work and podcast activity from the past year.

I did a lot less travel this year, after our second daughter, Yara, was born in January. (Easily the most liked tweet I’ve ever posted!) However, I still had the opportunity to talk a few times about local journalism at conferences in London and Albany, New York, as well as participate in some events hosted by the University of Oregon in both Eugene and Portland.

Alongside this, during the past year, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by outlets like AFP, Arab News, Fast Company, Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) and our local TV station KEZI, talking about everything from blockchain to paywalls, as well as digital (voice) assistants and the relationship between social media and online harassment.

Meanwhile, my research and journalistic work — covering everything from tech and social media in the Middle East to the future of local journalism, podcasting and the rise of voice — was highlighted by a range of organizations such as Atlantic 57, Curbed, The Ringer, Times of Oman and the European Journalism Observatory (EJO).

Here’s a round-up of those activities:

Media Interviews / Mentions

  1. Warren Tribune Chronicle: Why local newspapers make us all better, 01 December 2018
  2. American Press Institute: Need to Know: November 28, 2018, 28 November 2018
  3. Pew Research Center: Daily Briefing of Media News, 27 November 2018
  4. Nieman Lab: What we are reading + Daily Digest email, 27 November 2018
  5. What’s New in Publishing: A beginner’s guide to audio storytelling: what you need to know, 27 November 2018
  6. journalism.co.uk: Tip: Check out these resources for journalists interested in social media, 22 November 2018
  7. KEZI 9 News: Young voter turnout is up from past elections, 06 November 2018
  8. journalism.co.uk: Tip: Seven lessons in rebuilding trust in news organisations, 01 November 2018
  9. The Arabian Marketer: How Companies Misuse Social Media, 30 October, 2018
  10. Laboratorio de Periodismo Luca de Tena: Qué pueden aportar al periodismo los altavoces inteligentes?, (What can intelligent speakers contribute to journalism) 30 October, 2018
  11. GetReligion: Monday Mix: Pittsburgh shooting, hate that kills, Sutherland Springs, white nationalism, ‘double lives’, 29 October 2018
  12. Editor & Publisher: EPPY Winners 2018 (I was one of the judges), 24 October 2018
  13. Society of Professional Journalists: SPJ Leads, 10/24/2018, 24 October 2018
  14. American Press Institute: Need to Know: October 24, 2018, 24 October 2018
  15. Nieman Lab: What we are reading, 23 October 2018
  16. Marketplace: Revisiting “pivot to video” in light of the lawsuit against Facebook, 19 October 2018
  17. Gulf News: IGTV: What’s the point?, 30 September 2018
  18. Tech You n Me: Robotic Voices: Cause of Concern While Delivering News Updates?, 18 September 2018
  19. AFP: Digital assistants hone skills to deliver the news, (publishers include: Yahoo! News Singapore, Phys.Org, El Sol De Zacatecas [Mexico], TVA nouvelles [Canada], Times Now and The Hindu [India], Japan Today, Emirates 24/7, Gadgets 360 and others), 15 September 2018
  20. Arab News: Harassment or harmless flirting? Egypt viral video sparks debate, 27 August 2018
  21. Poynter: Your ideas for local news: Partner, celebrate, bring back town criers, 27 August 2018
  22. Business 2 Community: 8 Keys to Epic Data-Driven Storytelling, 25 August 2018
  23. KLCC: Across U.S., Press Takes On White House’s Attacks On Media, 16 August 2018
  24. StreetFight: A Probing Look at Local News Comes to Some Disturbing Conclusions, 16 August 2018
  25. journalismnews: The state — and future — of US local newspapers (audio from the newsrewired event in London, UK, on 11 July 2018), 19 July 2018
  26. journalism.co.uk: Catch up on newsrewired, our 22nd digital journalism conference, 19 July 2018
  27. newsrewired.com: What newspapers in the UK can learn from US media, 12 July 2018
  28. Laorbatorio De Periodismo: Los periodistas locales alertan de que trabajan mucho para el digital pero que siguen el mismo ritmo en el papel “y así es difícil la calidad” (Published in Spanish: “Local journalists warn that they work hard for the digital but that they follow the same rhythm on paper “and that’s how difficult quality is””), 10 July 2018
  29. Atlantic 57: Half of Americans use voice assistants What’s your voice strategy?, (weekly newsletter for 07/06/2018), 06 July 2018
  30. Emerald Media: Podlandia: Should you make a podcast?, 29 June 2018
  31. Newsrewired.com: Learn from US local media and understand the value of long reads at newsrewired on 11 July, 05 June 2018
  32. Times of Oman: Social media user numbers in Oman up by over 600,000 since 2017, (also published in Al Bawaba) 02 June 2018
  33. The Arab Weekly: Social media shaping norms of expression in the Arab world, 27 May 2018
  34. Al Bawaba: Top 10 Middle East’s Social Media Trends All Marketers Should Know, 20 May 2018
  35. ArabNet: Meeting the Demand for Video Content in MENA (Arabic), 17 May 2018
  36. Global Investigative Journalism Network: Can Civil’s Blockchain Save Journalism?, 14 May 2018
  37. Semana: El valor de los contenidos periodísticos de calidad en internet (The value of quality journalistic content on the internet), 08 May 2018
  38. Columbia Journalism Review: One Alabama newspaper’s business model features a chair and cigar box, 01 May 2018
  39. Arab News: Social platforms eye Saudi Arabia as Snap looks to expand foothold, 17 April 2018
  40. Index on Censorship: Checking the history bubble: Historians will have to use social media as an essential tool in future research. How will they decide if its information is unreliable or wrong? Vol 47, Issue 1, pp. 70–71, first published April 9, 2018
  41. Al-Majalla Magazine: Social Media Data Harvesters Cambridge Analytica and the Middle East, 30 March 2018
  42. Bangor Daily News: The free press’ quest for truth is more vital than ever, 18 March 2018
  43. Curbed: Local news is in trouble. Can new publications turn it around?, 14 March 2018
  44. Info.CZ: Arabská digitální revoluce: Mladí chtějí být na internetu vidět, láká je Instagram, Twitter a hlavně YouTube (in Czech: Arab Digital Revolution: Young people want to be seen on the Internet, luring them Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), 08 March 2018
  45. Editor & Publisher: Google’s New Built-In Ad Blocker Pushes Publishers to Clean Up and Create Better Ad Experiences, 05 March 2018
  46. AFP: Free News Gets Scarcer as Publishers Tighten Paywalls (publishers include: Newsmax.com, Bangkok Post, The Star (Malaysia), Breitbart, Yahoo!, BNN, Daily Mail, World News Network, The Straits Times (Singapore), 24 February 2018
  47. Social Media Stars: Middle East Social Media Usage Trends Revealed, 20 February 2018
  48. ResearchBuzz Firehose: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, February 20, 2018 + this separate entry, 20 February 2018
  49. Arabian Gazette: Middle East Social Media Usage Trends Revealed, 19 February 2018
  50. Zawya: [New white paper] Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2017, 19 February 2018
  51. Fast Company: Scribd’s Quest To Be “The Netflix Of Reading” Is Finally Paying Off, 06 February 2018
  52. WNYC, The Takeaway: Pulitzer-Winning Newspapers Face Turmoil, 01 February 2018
  53. European Journalism Observatory — EJO: Is ‘Engagement’ Anything More than a Media Buzzword?, (also in Italian, German) 31 January 2018
  54. Around the O: Prof’s 10 seminal moments in the history of audio storytelling, 19 January 2018
  55. podnews: Daily Newsletter, 16 January 2018
  56. Nonprofit Quarterly: Where Local Media Falters, Community-Based Nonprofit Models Step In, 12 January 2018
  57. The Ringer: The Fight for the Future of Local News, 10 January 2018
  58. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism / Nic Newman: Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2018, 10 January 2018
  59. Telegraph Herald: Gilligan: Community papers show resilience, 9 January 2018

Conference / Event speaking

  1. Northwest Scholastic Press: Fall Media Day 2018, presentation on “Crowdsourcing Twitter,” Eugene, Oregon, 24 October 2018
  2. Northwest Scholastic Press: Fall Media Day 2018, presentation on “Formats for Podcasting and Audio Storytelling,” Eugene, Oregon, 24 October 2018
  3. newsrewired: Presentation on “The state — and future — of US local newspapers,” (audio, slides, video interview), London, UK, 11 July 2018
  4. New York Press Association: Presentation/Workshop on “Digital Disruption and Local Newspapers,” Albany, New York, USA, 14 April 2018.
  5. Portland Media Day: Session on “Podcasting, Radio, and the Power of Audio storytelling,” (slides, audio clips), University of Oregon, Portland, Oregon, USA, 09 March 2018.
  6. University of Oregon: SOJC Research Seminar Series, “Local Newspapers in the United States,” Eugene, Oregon, 21 February 2018.

Also published this year was a video of my November 2017 lecture on “Journalism and the Media in the Age of Trump” given in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and hosted by The Atlantic Academy. The talk was part of a week-long lecture tour generously supported by the German-American Institutes.

A few short Q&As from this trip, recorded in Munich and Kaiserslautern, were also posted in the past 12 months.

You can view my archive of Public Engagement work here: https://damianradcliffe.wordpress.com/about/sightings/

Damian Radcliffe

Damian Radcliffe

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Chambers Professor in Journalism @uoregon | Fellow @TowCenter @CardiffJomec @theRSAorg | Write @wnip @ZDNet | Host Demystifying Media podcast https://itunes.app

Damian Radcliffe

Research, analysis, teaching materials and journalistic output by the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Journalism at the University of Oregon

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