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Here are the 28 articles I wrote in 2021

Deep dives into audio journalism, tech in the Middle East, digital trends as well as tips for navigating changing journalistic practice

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This is the third in a series of year-end round-ups, bringing together links to my work over the past year.

After a look at the five new research reports I published, my media mentions and interviews, as well as the panels and workshops I spoke at, this post aggregates my writing on tech in the Middle East, wider digital trends as well as the continued evolution of how journalism is produced.


  1. Startup funding: How this tiny apartment became a hub for innovation, 14 December 2021
  2. What’s next for e-commerce? Seven trends from this region could affect you, too, 04 November 2021
  3. Technology in the Middle East: 21 key stats on the good, the bad and the ugly, 08 October 2021
  4. One global hub rebuffed the ecommerce revolution. Now, things are finally changing, 07 September 2021
  5. FinTech: Why these startups are banking on a payments revolution in the Middle East, 15 July 2021
  6. Smart cities to the hyperloop: This region is investing in a tech-led transport revolution, (Also republished by ZDNet.fr), 05 July 2021
  7. The Middle East is primed for an ed-tech revolution. Now it needs to build on that momentum, 18 May 2021
  8. Mind the Gap: Understanding tech bans and outages in the Middle East, 28 April 2021
  9. ‘Small countries punching above their weight’. How diplomacy is ushering in a new era for Middle East tech, 07 April 2021
  10. Inside the Middle East’s growing love for eSports, 15 February 2021
  11. 5G, fintech and mega-projects: What 2021 will mean for tech in the Middle East, 22 January 2021

Reynolds Journalism Institute (University of Missouri)

  1. Experts share their tips for making the most from many audio formats, (also republished by FIPP, What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk), 12 October 2021
  2. Use audio to promote greater audience engagement, (also republished by FIPP, What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk), 16 September 2021
  3. Try these apps for easy entry into audio for breaking news and audience reaction, (also republished by FIPP, What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk), 08 September 2021
  4. What the Digital News Report 2021 means for your audio strategy, (also republished by FIPP, What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk), 13 July 2021
  5. Eight ways smaller newsrooms can make audio pay, (also republished by FIPP, What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk), 15 June 2021
  6. 9 ways newsrooms can incorporate more audio in their work, (also republished by What’s New In Publishing, journalism.co.uk, Global Investigative Journalism Network, FIPP and on Medium), 28 April 2021

IJNET (International Journalists’ Network)

  1. Supercharge your Twitter skills with these five tricks, (also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Arabic), 06 August 2021
  2. Social media in the Middle East: 5 things you need to know, (also available in Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French), 05 April 2021
  3. What have we learned about distributed newsrooms?, (Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese), 08 February 2021
  4. Tips for interviewing experts, (Also available in Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Arabic), 19 January 2021


  1. The Conversation: Audio chatrooms like Clubhouse have become the hot new media by tapping into the age-old appeal of the human voice (Also republished by Fast Company, Nieman Lab, Yahoo! News, FirstPost [India], Channel News Asia, Snopes, Stuff [South Africa] and others.)
  2. Thomson Reuters Foundation: Nine tips for reporting on COVID-19 from Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Alum in emerging economies and the Global South
  3. Periodismo.com: 10 principios clave para el Periodismo de Datos
  4. journalism.co.uk: A decade on from the Arab Spring: ten ways use of social media has changed in the Middle East
  5. journalism.co.uk: Data journalism: five ideas for more effective industry–academic collaboration (co-authored with Dr. Seth C. Lewis)
  6. Medium: Social Media trends in the Middle East — 20 must know statistics (Also available in German and Spanish)
  7. Medium: Six must-read newsletters to stay on top of your social media game (2021 edition)

Alongside this, I atomized reports — by publishing each chapter separately — on Social Media in the Middle East (produced for the New Media Academy), the impact of COVID-19 on journalism in the Global South (Thomson Reuters Foundation), a survey of local newspaper newsrooms (Tow Center for Digital Journalism) and a report on innovation in newsrooms and journalism (Central European University) — here on Medium.

You can see them by visiting my Medium archive, or by visiting www.damianradcliffe.com/recent




Research, analysis, teaching materials and journalistic output by the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Journalism at the University of Oregon

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