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Professional output since I moved to Oregon. My past two years: in numbers

3 research reports/white papers (solo author) another 4 co-authored, 1 book (co-edited), 8 book chapters, 7 co-authored journal articles, 12 conference presentations, 6 conference discussions chaired, 16 events hosted, 9 classes taught, 20 guest lectures and 74 media appearances.

It’s been a busy couple years since I moved to Oregon...

It’s nearly two years now since I embarked on my own Pioneer Trail, joining the University of Oregon and relocating 5,000 miles from my London home.

The time has gone by incredibly quickly, but I also felt at home from Day One. I’m very lucky. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside inspirational colleagues, great students and to benefit from considerable flexibility in terms of my teaching, creative and service obligations.

With two years under my belt, and another to go on my current visa/contract, it seems like a good time to take stock. Here’s a quick round-up of some of my professional outputs in time.

  • 85 articles written for major media organizations like the BBC Academy, CBS Interactive (ZDNet), MediaShift, IJNET and others.
  • 74 media appearances as a result of interviews I have given or media mentions of my research and creative work.
  • 3 research reports/white papers, including a forthcoming study on local journalism in the Pacific Northwest and my annual 2015 and 2016 round-ups of social media in the Middle East.
  • 4 research reports/white papers/books co-authored/edited, including an upcoming landscape report on small market newspapers in the US, and this published survey of local US newspaper journalists.
  • 8 book chapters, the latest, looking at data journalism in the US was co-written with my advanced reporting class (Reporting II) last term.
  • 7 co-authored journal articles, covering topics such as engagement and local news.
  • 12 conferences spoken at with locations ranging from Paris to Portland and the annual International Journalism Festival in Perugia. I also spoke in other locations, not starting with the letter ‘P’.
  • 5 more conferences in the calendar (Sept-Nov, will take me to Colorado, Chicago, Barcelona and other interesting places).
  • 6 discussions chaired at external conferences, covering topics ranging from local news to fake news and data storytelling.
  • 20 guest lectures given at classes run by my UO colleagues.

Other activity

Teaching: Despite the above, this is my primary job. I have introduced new classes in audio storytelling, social media and the business of journalism, and introduced these elements to the established classes such as Reporting II that I also teach. You can see my syllabi, slides and more here.

My teaching evaluations are consistently above the average for the J-School and the University of Oregon as a whole (much of this, I am sure, is due to the generosity of the many guest speakers who’ve kindly given their time to contribute to my classes). I look forward to building on this, as I continue to develop my skills as an educator, researcher and journalist.

Demystifying Media” speaker series: To help advance our pedagogical practice and industry knowledge, I created this program, bringing leading academic and industry professionals to the school. The series exposes students and faculty to their cutting-edge work, providing inspiration and opportunities for valuable networking and knowledge gathering. 16 events were held in 2016–17.

Equity and Inclusion is at the heart of this program, which has had a 50/50 gender and 50/50 industry/academic split; with over a third of speakers from minority communities. I’ve been very fortunate that we’ve been able to attract such an interesting, diverse, cadre of speakers to campus.

Fellowships: In 2016–17 I was appointed a Fellow of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University and I was also made a faculty fellow of the Agora Journalism Center in 2016–17. These two opportunities have given me the chance to do some fascinating research work, which would not otherwise have been possible. I hope others will find the conclusions equally interesting when they’re published in the next few months.

Originally published at damianradcliffe.wordpress.com on August 23, 2017. Revised with additional links, 7th September 2017.



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