Iran Breakthrough: Framework Agreement Reached

The Essential Coverage

The Obama Administration and the Iranians have agreed on a “framework” for a final nuclear deal. This is a good day for peace, especially since, as Gareth Porter has exhaustively demonstrated, the Iran nuclear “crisis” is a manufactured one.

Netanyahu and the neocons must be kicking and throwing things right now, which is an added bonus. Unfortunately, it sounds like there will be no immediate sanction relief, so Iranian children and other civilians will continue to sicken and suffer until the Americans are satisfied that Iran has met certain requirements. Here is the essential coverage:

Jason Ditz writes at

“The framework is simply the basis for future talks, which officials say will begin immediately, and the new goal is to have the final agreement in place by the end of June. (…)
The framework underscores progress already made on the final agreement, but will doubtless add momentum to the US hawks and the Israel Lobby to take preemptive action preventing the agreement from ever being reached.”

Jason links to The Washington Times’s report:

In his remarks on the framework agreement, Obama said something to the effect of “If in fact Netanyahu is interested in preventing Iran from aquiring nuclear weapons, this is the way to do it.” He definitely said “If in fact,” which seems to imply suspicion of other motives: like Netanyahu wanting war. Here is my own live-tweeting of Obama’s remarks:

The key highlights, according to Business Insider, are as follows:

“He said Iran has “eliminated its stockpile of dangerous nuclear material.”
Obama said the deal was the “best option” to address concerns about Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon because the country had agreed to a “robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime” that ensured it would not be able to produce a weapon covertly.
According to the president, the agreement outlined in the framework “shuts down Iran’s path to a bomb using enriched uranium” because Iran will not be permitted to enrich uranium for ten years.
Obama noted the deal would include sanctions relief for Iran. However, he specified some US sanctions would not be lifted and said “sanctions can be snapped back into place” if Iran violates any agreement.
The negotiations have been criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama acknowledged this and stressed the US staunchly supports Israeli security and will work to address its concerns.
Some members of Congress have also criticized the deal and there have been proposals for lawmakers to review any agreement.
Obama described it as an “international agreement” that satisfied many key allies and warned the US would be “blamed” if it is killed. He also said he will give Congress “oversight” over the agreement.”

Here is some good live written coverage from The Guardian’s Raya Jalabi:

And here is the public written statement issued by the Obama Administration.