Liberty’s Preeminent Voice for Victims

The Great Will Grigg

An excellent status update by Bob Higgs:

James Bovard and William N. Grigg are two of the most forceful and compelling libertarian writers at work today. I greatly admire both the men and their writing. However, I often pass up an opportunity to read their articles, especially Will’s, because these authors have a supreme ability to bring my blood to a boil ideologically and perhaps even physically, and I am already spending more time than I should in that temperature range. Nothing galls me more than detailed, just-the-facts accounts of the utterly senseless, gratuitously cruel, and inexcusably vicious actions with which state functionaries constantly occupy themselves. If only I could maintain a cool, dispassionate, distanced attitude toward the state, my own work would no doubt be the better for it, but I cannot do so, especially if I make Bovard and Grigg’s writing a staple of my reading regimen.

A comment I posted in response:

Will Grigg’s articles have a dual effect on me. While they do make my blood boil, I also gain great comfort knowing that such a mighty voice is ringing out through the internet on behalf of some of the most aggrieved victims of the State. And I imagine reading his essays brings them desperately needed comfort as well. Their stories being so powerfully told is the next best thing to them receiving justice. He is the liberty movement’s preeminent voice for victims.

Read Will here:

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