5 People to Send an Anonymous Gift to this Valentine’s Day

(Besides your significant other)

At Dancing Deer, we make sure we always have a variety of gift options for all of the loved ones in your life. This Valentine’s Day, we decided to add a new gift option: The Anonymous Flirt Gift Box. This festive red box includes 18 heart-shaped shortbread cookies that can be delivered to any special person in your life — completely anonymously.

Anonymous Flirt Gift Box from Dancing Deer

When you think of sending out a Valentine’s gift, you probably automatically think of it going to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Although this gift would be exciting and thoughtful to send to your sweetheart, we thought we would give you some ideas for other people in your life that this box would also be perfect for.

1. Your BFF

If you had to name the one person in your life who is closest to you besides your partner, you would most likely say your BFF. This is the person who knows everything about you and has never left your side.

Sending your best friend this delicious box is the perfect way to show him or her that they are loved and cared about by someone special in their life. The mystery and excitement of wondering who sent this gift will have your BFF raving about it for weeks. This is an especially great idea if your BFF is single or dreading Valentine’s Day.

2. Your Parents

What better way to thank the people who raised you than with 18 homemade cookies sent straight to their doorstep? Your mom and dad are two people who are often overlooked when buying Valentine’s Day gifts.

Make their holiday brighter by sending them our anonymous, affordable cookie box to add some happiness to their day. You can leave a message hinting at who sent the package, or just leave it up to their imaginations to wonder who was thinking of them this holiday. Either way, it will impact them way more than you think.

3. Your Kids

If you don’t have kids, obviously this one won’t apply to you, so you can skip to #4. But for the rest of the moms and dads out there, your kids are the perfect candidate for this anonymous gift box. Children are the most precious gift, and you love them with all of your heart (most of the time). Sending them this anonymous gift box is a great way to make them feel loved this Valentine’s Day, without letting them know that it’s from you.

If your son or daughter is currently in the “I’m-embarrassed-of-my-parents” phase, they would be humiliated receiving a Valentine’s gift from their Mom & Dad. But if that box was sent to school for them anonymously, they would be ecstatic and couldn’t wait to share and show their friends.

4. Your Boss

Imagine your boss came into work just like any other day, and on their desk was a big box of fresh Valentine’s Day cookies. He or she would suddenly be in the best mood ever, which in turn makes your day better as an employee. Happy boss=happy employees, right?

All joking aside, your boss works hard. Make their Valentine’s Day better by sending our anonymous gift box of cookies to your office as a way to show them that they are appreciated without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Bonus: your boss might share the cookies with everyone in the office, including yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Your Valentine’s Crush

Our Anonymous Valentine Flirt Gift Box was made for this scenario. Is there someone in your life who you have a crush on but you don’t want to come on too strong yet? Send them our cookie box to make them smile and wonder who is thinking about them on Valentine’s Day. Add a classic poem or flirty note to the message card if you’re feeling extra bold. We’ve all heard this statement a million times but it still stands true: food, especially sweet treats, truly is the way to the heart.