How to: Valentine’s Day Date Night (at Home!)

Whether you’re on a budget, hate crowds, or just want to try a new date night idea, a Valentine’s Day Date Night at home is the perfect idea for you and your sweetheart. We’ve gathered numerous tips to help you pull off a romantic evening- from the set-up to dessert!

1. The Set-Up

You don’t have to put in a ton of effort to make your house ready for Valentine’s Day, but there are a few things you can do to make it more special. Three things that we found to be inexpensive, yet significant are: candles, a nicely set table, and background music.

Candles are perfect for not only making the house smell amazing, but also for adding an ambient atmosphere. Plus, you can get them for dirt cheap if you don’t already have them at home (which you probably do)! A few flickering, sweet-smelling candles can really set the mood for a romantic night in together.

Next, we recommend taking the time to set the table before your partner arrives. There’s no need to go buy a new dinnerware set- whatever you have will work just fine. Setting the table before dinner gives your house more of a restaurant-vibe and will make you look like the perfect host. If you do want to go a little above-and-beyond, stop by your local dollar store and pick up some Valentine’s Day themed decorations. Things like napkin holders, tablecloths, or even simple table centerpieces can be found for just a few bucks and will really transform your dining table for the night.

Lastly, background music can really make a difference for your date night. Play something soft and classic, or play your partner’s favorite music- it’s up to you! Playing music adds a nice flair to the date and can make it even more memorable.

2. The Dinner

Having a dinner date at home doesn’t have to be fancy- it just has to be meaningful. That being said, if you’re a great cook and are willing to put in extra work to create an elaborate dinner- do it! If reading that last sentence made you nervous, don’t worry, it’s completely optional. A lot of couples actually prefer to have an easy meal that they already love and eat regularly. So relax and put down the cookbooks- making a meal that you know your partner already loves is perfect for tonight. Make this meal a little more special for the holiday by adding a fresh side salad to munch on before the meal, and/or grabbing a bottle of champagne to sip on during dinner.

An alternative to just you cooking would be to actually cook the meal together. You’d be surprised at how fun and romantic cooking a nice meal for each other can be. Make your favorite dish together, or browse Pinterest to find something you both want to try. You could even be extra cheesy and make something like a homemade, heart-shaped pizza. The possibilities for dinner are truly endless, so do whatever sounds the best to you.

No matter what you do for dinner, your sweetheart will appreciate it no matter what- trust us.

3. The Dessert

To Dancing Deer, dessert is the most important part of any event. There is absolutely nothing better than treating yourself to something sweet and satisfying after a great meal. Of course, when thinking about dessert options, we really can’t think of anything better than spoiling your sweetheart with some tasty Dancing Deer baked goods. :)

Seriously, we have a huge variety of sweet Valentine’s Day treats for you to choose from. Indulging in homemade Dancing Deer goodies while you curl up to a movie after dinner is the perfect way to wrap up your Valentine’s Day Date Night- plus we do all of the hard work for you!