How Childhood Experiences Shape Us As Adults

What shaped us as children and how do our own childhood experiences affect our adult lives!!

Photo by Igor Tishenko on Crello

“When I grow up, I’ll do it differently”.

Many children who have had bad experiences say this sentence to themselves. Maybe you’ve said that before. But what if all of a sudden we…




Let’s jump out of the box together. Supporting connection, positivity, joy, hope, caring for each other and the environment around us. New beginnings for this Universe and Humanity. Builds on providing emotional and mental support, welcome spirituality and open minds. Dance.

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Do this one thing with your kid and you will connect for life.

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Antonis Iliakis

Antonis Iliakis

Understanding Human Psychology, Researcher & Tech Consultant, MSc in Computer Programming & Web Development — Human Behavior Researcher

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