Next Year

Neal Lemery
Dancing Elephants Press
Jan 1, 2023


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Is tomorrow. I flip the calendar to the new one hanging behind it, patiently

Waiting its turn, with all the clean open spaces, and uncluttered weeks, only the

Birthdays and anniversaries and that one dental cleaning appointment

Written on the new year.

It will fill up, with the good times, the visits from friends, the trips, all the

Potpourri of life, the yin, the yang,

The sweet, the bitter.

Markers of our growth and change, inevitable in the new year as it too


The unexpected, the expected, the drama, the comedy, all of life’s offerings,

In just a year.

Today, it’s still fresh, unexposed, just a flip away.

— -Neal Lemery 12/22



Neal Lemery
Dancing Elephants Press

Author of Be the Change: One Random Act of Kindness at a Time; Building Community, Rural Voices for Hope and Change; and others. On Amazon.