Operation: Save The Chicken

Meet Gary Cooper

There are moments when your plans change quickly when an unusual situation comes up. I was planning a nice relaxing Sunday. Gary had other plans.

Let me tell you about Gary. Gary is almost one year old. She is a barnevelder heritage chicken. Gary is a very cool chicken. He lives in a coop with the rest of her cooper family. Gary likes grains, greens, and bugs…



Let’s jump out of the box together. Supporting connection, positivity, joy, hope, caring for each other and the environment around us. New beginnings for this Universe and Humanity. Builds on providing emotional and mental support, welcome spirituality and open minds. Dance.

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Dr. Gabriella Korosi

Writer, creator of connections, spreading positivity. Interests: health/spirituality/positivity/joy/caring/public health/nursing. https://gabriellakorosi.org