Prompt #5 for the DEP Book Project: Motivation

The final prompt!

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I have the honor of announcing the fifth and final prompt for the Dancing Elephants Press Book Project. Can you believe we are on the verge of finishing the writing process and soon will move on to the editing part to bring the book together? Wow!

Here’s Prompt #5 📢


I can see you thinking — what can I write about motivation?

Here are some ideas, but please feel free to think beyond these.

  • What motivated you to accomplish a specific goal in life?
  • Do you believe in self-motivation?
  • Is there something you turn to when you need motivation?
  • When you feel low, what motivates you to bounce back?
  • Who motivated you when you had to overcome a major situation in life?
  • Does money motivate you?

Go ahead, put on your thinking caps and write. Share what you have learned.

Remember the guidelines: 📝

  • The deadline to submit your draft to Dancing Elephants Press is 10 July 2022 (please do not self-publish)
  • Add the tags: #Dancingelephantspress, #Dep book project
  • In your post, tag the editors
  • The title can be your own, but the subtitle should be: Dancing Elephants Press Book Project Prompt Motivation
  • Email a copy of your post to (remember to name the Google doc or Word doc with your name and the prompt. Example: Vidya Sury — Motivation
  • Your main article must be a minimum of 800–1000 words. Include an introduction, body, and conclusions/lessons learned.
  • Optional: you can post a poem, or/and a short article. Poems must be 100 words and the short article 300–600 words. You may combine two or more formats to achieve a word count of 800–1000. (A poem within an article, etc.)
  • You MUST mention the websites you refer to and quote and cite them properly to avoid plagiarism. You can use the MLA format.

A note about reference links: Any links you use within your post must be listed at the end of your post.

Here’s an example. See my post 4 easy exercises to improve posture and prevent back pain. At the end of the post, you will find the following reference links.

Reference links
1. Physical Therapy Approaches in the Treatment of Low Back Pain
2. Low back pain — why exercise helps
3. Exercise as a treatment for chronic low back pain

A gentle reminder 🎗

Use this format to create your article:A good titleSubtitle: Dancing Elephants Press Book Project Prompt MindfulnessA short intro (can begin with a quote or an interesting opening)Body of the article: please format with subtitles and bullet points if applicable, for easy reading.Keep your paragraphs short.Conclusion or takeaways at the end.Make sure the story flows well for the reader.Make sure you credit your images properly.Add a list of reference links in full at the end of your post (see example above)

Also . . .✍

If you have not yet published your post for prompt #4, please do so soon and also email it to us at We look forward to reading them.

Suggestion: install the free Grammarly extension in your browser to proofread your own work.

If you haven’t already, please email us your Draft2Digital profile link so we know that you have created your account and made all the correct settings.

We will have a section of every author’s interaction and engagement with their peers so you must respond to at least one of your coauthor’s main articles with a minimum of 2–3 sentence supportive comment. This will be one of the book’s innovative qualifiers.

Please comment here to confirm you saw this post. Thank you!

Have questions? Please reach out by:
- commenting on this post, or
- by adding a private note to this post, or
- e-mail us at

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