The Beauty of Intentional Listening

DEP Book Project: Mindfulness

two women with coffee or tea, beautiful Black women talking, listening
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Learn to speak by listening
— Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, Persian Poet & Philosopher

In 2014 I attended an engaging and thought-provoking ten-week course offered by The School of Practical Philosophy. One of the aims was to help us shift our attention to what truly matters in life…




Let’s jump out of the box together. Supporting connection, positivity, joy, hope, caring for each other and the environment around us. New beginnings for this Universe and Humanity. Builds on providing emotional and mental support, welcome spirituality and open minds. Dance.

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Lola Rosario

Lola Rosario

Poet ~ Cultural Storyteller ~ Editor at Little Love Lines & The Resistance Room ~ ~

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