Together We Grow

In quest of creating a masterpiece with my fellow writers

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We all are a member of this big family of the universe. We are so interconnected and interdependent that if one chord falls apart, the entire rhythm of the universe gets disrupted. If one pearl drops away, all the pearls will fall apart from a garland of pearls.

The more we are connected, the more we are empathetic. Life becomes more soulful, joyful, and meaningful.

There is a story of an old man who had five sons. His sons used to quarrel and had no unity among them. To give them a great lesson, he asked each of his sons to break a bundle of sticks, but they could not. On the other hand, each broke one at a time with ease. It’s a moral story of the power of unity that (or others) most of us must have heard in childhood.

But what happened in the mid of the journey of life? We seldom forget the power of unity and try to stand against each other.

Together we grow.

The Whisper of Your Inner Voice

Life is our mentor. If we can craft a story of our life lessons, maybe, at least, one single life will stop committing that same mistake again and again, prevent himself from the heartbreak, or get the answer that he is pondering years after years.

I share stories and life lessons learned from my personal perspective. I share with a hope that it touches someone deeply. I pray that my words shine a piercing light in the darkness of a life disturbed. — Pene Hodge.

Here comes the role of a writer, such a responsible role in shaping people’s thoughts and bringing change for good, spreading the light of hope, and offering a shoulder for the lonely soul and whatnot.

I am a newcomer to this platform as a writer, trying to explore and collect the fragrance of other brilliant writers. I am small in this profound writing world and far from calling myself an excellent writer. My existence is too small to bring any significant change in this great universe. But, I am human, and that’s my biggest identity and strength.

“The entire universe is inside you. You are not a drop in the ocean, but you are the ocean in a drop.” — Rumi.

So, I can also dream big; I can also dream of writing a book or being a part of a masterpiece.

My inner voice says I can write it too.

Trust what you hear — intuition, that feeling in your gut, speaks the soul’s language of the heart. It is your internal compass, a trusted guide towards your true self- Pockett dessert.

We must learn to be in tune with our little whispers inside.- Kris Bedenian.

When I first skimmed the Dancing Elephants Press Book project that’s knocked at the door of my heart to bring out my hidden desire, writing books. Then again, when I carefully read each line of the purpose of this book project, then it touched my soul. I write for radiating positivity, and this is the shared chord between the dream book and mine.

Dancing Elephants Press Book Project

I realize I can write the stories for this dream book based on my life lessons.

Beauty of Diversity

Our life is a large canvas, where every moment we are writing our story of life, painting the image of our life. My life is a powerful tool for knitting my story, and as the stories are real, I can connect with my readers. In my voyage of the medium so far, I have around 500 followers, but I would love to call them my support system. Their love, warmth, and uplifting spirit keep me charged. It’s their love that makes my stories at Coffee Times Newsletter Magazine on the popular list! I am grateful for their support.

I am greedy when it comes to getting the love of my readers and what can be a better way to be a part of the book and reach a larger audience to gain their love.

As Lady Dr. Gabriella Korosi rightly said regarding the book project

The purpose is that the article can live on and be available for a large audience’.

Let’s grow like a beautiful garden where all the writers are different flowers with unique beauty, charm, and fragrance. Let’s spread our fragrance of positivity, motivation, inspiration, etc.

I would like to shout out Pene Hodge for her passionate article titled We Write to Inspire Ourselves and Each Other on Living Our Best Lives as I resonate with this.

My wholehearted thanks go to Lady Dr. Gabriella Korosi, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, Sharing Randomly for this great collaboration scope. I wish you all the best for a successful and meaningful Dancing elephant Press Book Project journey.



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