Frozen Four is set. Who ya got?

I’ve learned that I suck at picking teams to move on in tournaments. Or I jinx teams. The Denver v. Penn State was an out-of-this-world game. They battled hard and Penn State didn’t give up. Hits were thrown, penalties were taken, and hearts were broken.

Since the World Junior tournament, Troy Terry has made a name for himself. And tonight he did that again. Terry had 5 points, 3 goals and 2 assists. Talk about being a standout player in such an important game. Terry and his line mates are what led Denver to the thrilling 6–3 win.

Going into the Frozen Four I don’t know who will win the Denver v. Notre Dame game. Both teams are stacked with phenomenal talent and the drive to win. If you’re not excited to watch this game, then you’re not a hockey fan.

You’re lying if you didn’t feel any sympathy for the UMass goaltender after the loss this afternoon. But the Notre Dame celebration was pretty fun to watch. It’s too hard to pick sides in this tournament. You want to root for everyone.

Harvard is taking on Minnesota Duluth in the first round of the Frozen Four. Again, I have to go with Harvard in this one. Hope I don’t jinx anything! Overall, Harvard is the better team and I can see them over-working Minnesota.

This tournament, like I said, never disappoints. As you watch a game, thousands of emotions run through you like a freight train. It is exciting and scary to watch these young guys play for the championship. To be at a tournament like this is a dream of mine. The love for college hockey is pure. The fans come together and cheer for their schools. Even if I attend none of these schools, I’ll be watching each game cheering on the teams and players. My favorite part of hockey is how a player will do just about anything to get the puck in the net or protect a player. The Frozen Four will show this and just how much a team can come together to win a championship they dream of winning since peewees.

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