If UCLA loses, is this the last we hear from LaVar Ball until June?

Tomorrow, the UCLA Bruins take on the Kentucky Wildcats in the Sweet 16, with the winner moving on to the Elite 8!

LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo, has come out recently and made some claims that he was a better basketball player than the GOAT… Michael Jordan. LaVar thinks his son, Lonzo, is already better than Steph Curry, who by the way just won back-to-back MVP awards including a unanimous decision last season.

Sorry to disappoint you, LaVar, but you are totally incorrect. Could Lonzo be better than Steph at some point in his career? I think it could happen.

LaVar has also ruffled the feathers of LeBron James, making the claim that his kids are better set up for the future than the 4-time MVPs kids.

To LaVar’s credit, Lonzo is set to be a top two selection in this year’s draft, and has even earned some comparisons to Jason Kidd. But LaVar should slow his roll, and stop putting unnecessary pressure on his kids.

LaVar was funny for the most part, but he crossed the line when he brought LeBron’s kids into this.

Personally, I don’t think LaVar Ball will ever disappear from the spotlight, but he may disappear for a bit until draft time.

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