North Carolina’s shot at redemption

Joseph-Arcidiacono-Joseph. That was final sequence in the 2016 National Championship that pushed Villanova over North Carolina last season.

This season, the sequence that may stick out for everyone is Pinson to Maye. Just after Malik Monk hits a three-pointer, Theo Pinson drove down the court and drove down the center of the lane before kicking it back to Luke Maye for the last basket of the game on a mid-range jumper with 0.3 seconds remaining in the game. He saved the season.

Now UNC has a shot at redemption. Falling short in last year’s championship, they just need to get past Oregon to have another chance to bring home the trophy. Oregon took down a tough Kansas team to reach the final four and now stand in the Tar Heels way.

This stage is unfamiliar to Oregon, but for North Carolina, it’s another day at the office. They were in this game last year and took out a Syracuse team that looked promising up until that game, which ended 83–66.

The Tar Heels have had another great season in route to this final four. Now they have a new hero on the campus of Chapel Hill. In the end, they may have a title as well.

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