Alpha Stage : An exciting opportunity for refinement

Daneel is a unique service with a lot of useful information to offer, and that’s why its effectiveness is so important to get right. Our development process is removing even the subtlest of bugs and glitches, and this does not account for how large amounts of data will improve its AI learning.

This will act as a fantastic opportunity to complete some comprehensive testing to ensure a consistent and secure user experience: ultimately, to ensure all users enjoy using Daneel, a confidence in its stability is key. This will help us improve the system, increase Daneel’s thinking capacity, and improve its understanding when interacting with human users.

The understanding of natural language is the key point between Daneel’s brain and the end user. That’s why we’ll be using this stage to train Daneel by asking him as many questions as possible. This will improve his capacity to understand natural language, ensuring that all features can be initiated and controlled by a simple spoken request. However, with that in mind, these features are currently hidden to ensure that efforts are focused on the chat system.

What the Alpha can do for us ?

Currently available to our ambassadors, advisors, partners and soon gold members, our Alpha testing phase is foundational to later stages: we will even risk frustrating our upcoming user base to ensure that we can go further with other features. This is vital to ensure that the experience is as well-rounded as possible when the final service is launched fully.

This first stage will therefore allow our developers to enhance the internal AI algorithms based on the data that is collected, and based on the feedback received. These adjustments and training can make Daneel’s machine learning more powerful and accurate in the short and long-term, improving the overall experience before moving onto the next stage.

Alpha Test Schedule

Week 1 — September 15–23: An early internal test of about 20 users — the team and advisors will be using this to fix any bugs, improve stabilization of the app and train Daneel’s algorithms.
Week 2 — September 24–29: Partners and ambassadors will be added to the test, the goal here will be to improve Daneel’s understanding of natural language by asking him many questions, access to the chat will be granted, with other features locked for now.
Week 3 — September 30- October 7: Gold members will be added to the test. We will be gathering all feedback and comments in order to finalize and improve the AI learning algorithms and tailoring daneel to best fit users’ needs.
Week 4 — October 8–14: The ending stage will include some of the other features in the app such as the Insight (market sentiment/trends) and the Dashboard. This will help us prepare for the next step, the beta test.

On the way to Beta

Ultimately, the Alpha testing stage of our refinement process ensures the perfect foundation for developing this natural language understanding capacity; the precursor before transitioning to the Beta testing phase where all features will be available. The next steps will allow us to test our algorithms specific to news curation, trend analysis, fluidity of execution, and Dashboard ergonomics to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Stay tuned guys and you can still register to be Beta Tester on our website: