Blockchain World Summit London: Daneel first event exhibition

Daneel Assistant
Sep 30, 2018 · 3 min read

We’ve been looking forward to the Blockchain World Summit for a long time, as this event was a fantastic opportunity to show off our work and network with a range of different people. It was a chance to meet other teams working on crypto projects, and a chance to learn from each other and collaborate. During this event, we really sensed an atmosphere of passion around the possibilities of blockchain just around the corner.

Gaining insight into such a range of experiences across the market provides a fascinating glimpse into how the applications of blockchain technology will evolve in the coming months and years. However, if didn’t stop there: the event also helped us to understand the market more holistically, where it’s gaps are — and where we fit in. Daneel is a unique platform with much to offer, and our trip to the Blockchain World Summit is just the start.

What should we keep in mind ?

Healthy competition is what makes our industry thrive, let there be no doubt. But truly pushing the envelope in any fresh industry means collaboration too. Shared goals really flavoured the conversations at this summit — but also opportunities for future mutual benefit.

During the event we had a dinner with our friends from AMON: here we met our partners Amon and spoke about our common future, and more specifically about how Daneel will be integrated into their application; a platform that allows the user to store, exchange and spend currencies in one wallet. To know more about Amon and our partnership, please read this Medium article.

Additionally, our technical team enjoyed a long chat with Automata: a platform for ‘’noobies’’ to invest in crypto with a robot assistant (risk management, investment, portfolio management, security…) — our platforms serve slightly different use cases, but share striking similarities that could benefit from healthy idea exchange.

As well as this, some of our French colleagues were there to represent Kryptosphere: as a national project seeking to provide free modules on Blockchain for students, the discussion also spanned the role of the public sector in acknowledging Blockchain as a key skill-set for the industries of tomorrow.

We had also the chance to meet our next big AI partner, if you are an observer you should find their CEO posing with us in one of the event’s pictures.

We met some influencers and made some interviews with them:

1) James Crypto Bull interviewed our CEO Joseph Bedminster:

2) Crypto Academy NL interviewed our Head of Communication Harold Kinet:

Note: the beta test start date is October 15 and not November 15!

And lastly, as the icing on the cake was the investor meeting: here we met several potential investors with whom we are discussing next steps of our platform launch, enabling us to ignite our business expansion worldwide.

Interview with Crypto Rookie (top left); Our advisors William Bryant and Jonathan Fianu(bottom left) and our CEO Joseph Bedminster (right)


Overall, this event was an eye-opening experience: we are humbled to participate in an industry flourishing with innovations, whether detailed elements of the user experience, or the underlying foundation of early education.

However, in discussing with our partners and potential collaborators, it was encouraging to witness the same emerging consensus: the need to research and interpret large quantities of qualitative data manually has long created a barrier for the newbie investor, and an automated alternative could spark benefits across all industry players.

We are excited to be developing Daneel, and with our next stage of testing around the corner, many of the attendees at this event were too.

Stay tuned:


Daneel Corporate

In this publication you will find all the official announcements and communication related to the Daneel Company.

Daneel Assistant

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Daneel Corporate

In this publication you will find all the official announcements and communication related to the Daneel Company.

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