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The written word is a valuable part of any company’s promotional strategy, and that’s no different for us. However, a standard approach doesn’t always meet the needs of our audience. That’s why our approach is multi-faceted, with a number of channels explored to meet the varying needs of our audience. We’ve considered how our content should adapt and come up with an apt strategy that will build up a comprehensive network of written information for new and existing stakeholders alike.

Joseph’s Experience

Joseph Bedminster, the brains behind Daneel, was one day working as a project manager for a research and innovation lab where he dabbled in artificial intelligence projects. It was during his time there that he learned about blockchain technology, and decided to try cryptocurrency trading… and realized it took a lot of time to wade through the news, terms, and markets around the crypto space. It was here he had a lightbulb moment: what if there was a chatbot hooked up to a powerful network of artificial intelligence that could help interpret the crypto jungle? Bam! Daneel was born. Joseph was once new to the crypto world, and he understands the frustrations of trying to figure it all out. This blog will present Joseph’s experience from Daneel’s ICO, the company creation in Estonia, and the ties to France. He will also weigh in on IA, Big Data, Machine Learning, and other topics as they come up.

Our Newcomers’ Blog

The newcomer’s blog will focus on defining the main concepts of cryptocurrency, for example: what is a blockchain? What is an ICO? How does trading work? We plan on updating these topics once a week. We will also focus on pointers for investing and avoiding scams, and we will do our best to equip you with the necessary knowledge to start your crypto journey as a well-informed trader. Not only will we be focused on key concepts and terms, but we will also be releasing new Daneel tutorials to support you! We also will roll out user cases, in order to facilitate discussion and learning for everyone. We already have some test cases in the works.

Our Audience Strategy

Our audience strategy is centered around newsletters, network publicity, SEO, growth hacking, and more. Our newsletters will bring you the latest product updates, developments, and other interesting tidbits. As we delve into strengthening our search engine optimization strategy, we hope to make Daneel the first place on the web people go to for their cryptocurrency education and needs. Our growth hacking experiment includes rapid testing and experimentation across multiple avenues such as marketing funnels, product development, sales segments, and other things to determine the best way to grow our company. We will also do our best to position ourselves to be cited and used by the most prominent Blockchain users and crypto influencers. Ultimately, we have a varied marketing approach to attract people at every level of their crypto journey, from beginners to seasoned experts.

As Blockchain experts, we also want to promote this technology through education, which is why we are developing a Blockchain Hub in conjunction with schools and universities. We will provide students with our professional network and real life use cases during seminars, conferences and workshops. We are already partners with them:

EPF Montpellier
University of Sciences of Tunis
Sesame Tunis School
And Belgian universities.

What should you keep in mind?

With our multifaceted approach to reach our target market of cryptocurrency traders, we are confident that newcomers, including students, to the world of crypto will come to rely on us for the most current informations available in the field. Daneel will not only serve newcomers, but also experienced traders as well as anyone curious about the world of cryptocurrencies. We are enthusiastic about our approach to attract and keep our customers, and we are excited to see our company become the go-to name for information in this space.

Daneel will also be the emblematic figure of the students to accompany them in their learning. Not only through our unique tool but also with our professional network and our experience in the field.

Stay tuned guys:

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