Daneel — Full Product Roadmap and release

Yes, the wait has been long. But now that Daneel is entering the stage of finalisation, ears are beginning to perk throughout our loyal community. However, let us be frank. The reality that is Daneel could not have been achieved without your support! We would like to thank you all for that!

With Daneel, advanced AI is not only ‘’waking up’’ to the real-time data that has the potential to inform trading decisions of the modern user; it is actively learning too with continual machine learning. It would almost seem that the future of AI-supported trading has finally arrived.

But not quite yet…

There are steps to take, crucial milestones that need to be achieved: our launch needs to staggered; we plan to make Daneel ‘’parfait’’ — not just polished.

This is why we are diving the development into two separate phases: The first will be focused on the ‘’educational trading phase’’ to acquire newcomers, and then it will be focused on the wallet aggregator, easy buy and sell and exchange APIs for the professional traders.

And now, have a look at our full product roadmap here below. Btw, our Github has been updated: https://github.com/project-daneel/roadmap

2018 Q4 — Product release

The biggest news for Q4 is launching our Beta version in the Apple AppStore and the Android PlayStore. After rigorous alpha-testing starting September 15 of our team comprised of advisors, ambassadors, and partners, we will be releasing our app to preliminary users who are already registered to be beta-testers on October 15 (interested? Check it out here). We anticipate releasing the app to everyone else December 1st. We will be monitoring all user feedback and adding features to the mobile app as well, namely the ability to share content via social media and the ability to store content on a device. The move to the mobile space will be huge. For investors who are using their phones and tablets to monitor trading on-the-go, having our AI app to assist and guide them ads a huge level of value to our technology. You may ask Daneel direct questions about the crypto market and crypto terms, for example: “Daneel, what is a node?” Answer: “A node refers to any computer that joins a blockchain.” Or, “Daneel, what is an altcoin?” Answer: “An altcoin refers to any other cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin.”

In addition to this educational function, Daneel will be able to understand all the news and content related to cryptomonnaies and the Blockchain, and will be able to :
- keep up to date with the most important news on a continuous basis;
- give the market sentiment of the market, and for each currency;
- Provide information on prices, ICOs, social networks, and events;
- inform about the score assigned to each currency;
- provide price predictions.

2019 Q1 — Exchanges and Blockchain Monitoring

Not only are we moving to the mobile space, we are developing new machine learning models and providing better information to comprehend exchanges and blockchain monitoring for our customers. We anticipate the ability to consistently detect information which will have a significant and immediate impact on the market. We will introduce a “reliability score” for data we believe to be unreliable such as opinions on the market, market manipulation, paid-content, sponsored content, and fake news. In turn, this will allow us to add to our big-data system the ability to filter out information with low reliability scores, resulting in a better and more reliable user experience from our tech. Our big-data system will also be connected to multiple exchanges to track trades, prices, and order-books. We are developing the capability to find the best pair on all exchanges to convert to fiat money, and also the ability to find the best exchange rates for a pair. Our big-data system will additionally keep track of blockchain activity records, such as transactions, the number of wallets being used, speed, and transaction fee price. Over time, this will allow us to build formulas for predicting what will happen to the market, which is ultimately what our customers want to know.

2019 Q2 — Portfolio Monitoring and Professional Web-Application

By this time, we plan on introducing portfolio monitoring and professional web-applications to the mobile app. There will be a new portfolio view that allows tracking of user investments (by tracking public addresses, exchanges API keys, or manual inputs), which will help show the current news climate and help predict the impact of future news and possible market sentiment. Monitoring the news is important because there are a lot of emotional investors right now who are prone to panicking, creating numerous lucrative trading opportunities. Ultimately this time frame is about using our web application to efficiently manage a portfolio, generate personalized reports, follow and interpret trends, and discover insights into new projects.

2019 Q3 — Trading Indicators and Alerts

Here, we will be introducing numerous improvements and capabilities across our platforms. To our application program interface (API), we will be adding the ability to calculate trading indicators, create price alerts, and detect abnormal movements in prices and volume. To our mobile platform, we will be pushing notifications for news and price alerts. We don’t want language to be any sort of barrier for anyone, so we are adding language translation capabilities as well (including to our smart assistant). What more could we possibly add to this quarter? The exciting new opportunities created by opening our APIs to our partners and adding Daneel integration on crypto exchange platforms. We want Daneel to be a household name for crypto owners and exchangers, and we will be working hard to achieve this by adding all of these features and creating even more opportunities for growth.

2019 Q4 — Hybrid A.I (With Social Contributions)

Building on the growth created in Q3, we want to see even more growth and improvements to our user experience across all platforms. Our first project will be creating a hybrid artificial intelligence that combines the knowledge base on file with other social contributions. We anticipate experimenting with machine learning systems plus community contributions plus other algorithms to come up with the best possible AI for our product. For our mobile application, we want to implement a speech-to-text capability allowing users to talk directly to Daneel. For our mobile application, we’re giving users the ability to upvote or downvote content (gaged on reliability, relevance, and timeliness), hoping to encourage interaction between users and our product and subsequently improve the experience for everyone collectively. By using community insights and analysis to improve our product even more, we hope to foster and encourage as much growth around cryptocurrency learning technologies and positive user experiences as a whole.


The Wild West territory of cryptocurrency markets are creating a lot of frustration for crypto owners and traders, providing us with the incredible opportunity to step in and deliver a seamless product that integrates the best of artificial intelligence with a friendly and mobile user experience. Currently, traders in crypto markets are largely tied to their computers — watching the markets all day long — to hopefully be able to come up with sound predictions over time; our product will make predicting market trends much easier and more efficient, giving traders more freedom to step away from their computers and time back for other things. Due to the unique and unregulated factors that contribute to a volatile crypto trading market, our product is not only incredibly timely but also solves a major pain point for traders. We are excited about where our technology is going to go and how Daneel will influence future crypto markets. Using our best ideas to propel the most forward-thinking, cutting-edge tech into our apps will undoubtedly make the world of crypto-trading better for everyone.

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