Daneel’s API is now integrated within NapoleonX trading platform

Daneel Assistant
Apr 5 · 3 min read

Now it is up to the French team of the NapoleonX platform to use our data flow to make life easier for its users with quality information. This alliance will allow us to offer a complete service combining NapoleonX’s algorithmic, scalable, decentralized crypto-asset manager with the Blockchain technology monitored by Daneel AI. Crypto traders will be able to monitor the market through Daneel’s streamlined news flow and get market insights such as trends and sentiment. Trading in a market as volatile as cryptocurrencies is not an easy matter. The market reacts very quickly to current events, which makes it difficult for analysts to follow all the current events and emotional state of the market. That’s why Daneel is there, to make you all that easier.

The importance of reliable data on the crypto market

The additional qualitative information provided by Daneel solidifies NapoleonX strategic proposal and let the users stay on the same platform having access to all the necessary market information for their daily trading activity. The first step of this collaboration is the integration of Daneel’s news flow as seen in the picture below.

NapoleonX: the first crypto asset manager piloting trading bots

NapoleonX is the first fully algorithmic, scalable and decentralized crypto-asset manager, founded by ex-multibillion-dollar fund managers in Tier-1 banks (BNP Paribas, Natixis, among others).

It did one of the largest and most successful ICOs of France in 2018. With more than 20 proprietary and high-performance trading strategies, the NapoleonX platform offers a wide range of services and tools , all of them accessible from one single interface. Services include trading signals, automated trading bots, performance monitoring, market data & strategies, educational content for learners and now with Daneel a streamlined news-curation.

NapoleonX is part of a Group, which includes Napoleon Capital, a specialist in quantitative strategies issued from continuous competition licensed as a financial advisor by ORIAS/AMF, and Napoleon Index, which is the world’s first blockchain index publisher and administrator, registered under BMR regulation.

Daneel Corporate

In this publication you will find all the official announcements and communication related to the Daneel Company.

Daneel Assistant

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Crypto Market Data Monitoring: https://daneel.io

Daneel Corporate

In this publication you will find all the official announcements and communication related to the Daneel Company.

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