Event report: Malta Blockchain Summit

The crypto island has been a major blow and is definitely becoming a blockchain hub. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the initiator of this movement, was present at the exhibition.

It must be admitted that the buzz around Malta is very real, just look at the number of large players like Binance or Bittrex relocating to Malta.

We couldn’t miss such an event, hence we were present among a group of carefully selected startups. We were able to meet the best of the crypto world, when we say the best we talk about VIPs such as John McAfee with whom we were able to talk very briefly given his very busy schedule!

Our main targets during this show were exchanges and trading platforms for which we are developing the integration of a daneel widget and a dedicated API. To our pleasant surprise, the product was welcomed with open arms and met with great success. Knowing the importance of the quality of information on the crypto market, exchanges have understood the added value of integrating daneel into their platform where users can have access to the most relevant information directly on their platform.

We can already count on very serious b2b propects. The contracts are under negotiation and nothing will be disclosed until any disclosure agreement has been signed, hence we can’t reveal any information at this stage.

LumiWallet was also there where we took the chance to speak about our collaboration. We will release a video presentation of the wallet and the purchase of DAN tokens using the mobile app.

Stay tuned guys, many good things are on the way!

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