Introducing Our New Logo

A logo is an incredible part of any company’s brand. It represents who we are and it builds up a recognizable image that can be trusted. When the time comes, updating a logo is important for ensuring it stays relevant, up-to-date, and in line with our values and offerings. That’s why we’re updating ours, and below we’ll explain the meaning behind our new logo, what it means to us as a company, and what it could represent for you.


The launch of Daneel commanded a logo with the innate quality of intelligence. Due to artificial intelligence learning being the heart of Daneel, it only made sense to communicate this message with a smart, snappy logo design. Our new logo had to be useful, durable, and innovative as well, and we think this one will stand the test of time. We included some elements into our logo such as our typeface, for example, as a strong and decisive feature; the modern, contemporary feel mirrors the up-and-coming feel of our product. Not only is our typeface bold, but our thought bubble concept underscores this identity.


The thought bubble has a few functions: first, it communicates the idea that you can converse with Daneel, which is exactly the point of our product. It also stands for the feature of human feedback enhancing the product, as not only can Daneel talk to you but you can talk to it and help it learn by upvoting or downvoting content, assessing for reliability, and so on. The last feature of our thought bubble is its significance regarding the relationship between our developers and our customers; we are here for you! We are counting on your feedback to make Daneel an ever-changing, ever-learning dynamic product and you are a part of that process as a valued customer. We hope to have a great working relationship with our users, and we will do our best to promote a collaborative learning experience to bring you the best tech around.


The color blue signifies the technological aspect of our product. From a psychological standpoint, the color blue is often seen as a color of stability and reliability; Daneel will exhibit both of these qualities. Our technology is the best in the crypto space… from its intuitive user interface to the quality and depth of knowledge we put at your fingertips, undoubtedly Daneel will soon be a household name for anyone operating in any capacity in the crypto world. We ultimately chose blue to communicate both of these qualities on a subconscious level, to assure you that what you’re getting can be fully relied upon.


Our new logo is a strong representation of how we as a company feel about Daneel. Its strong, contemporary, and conversational qualities are key aspects of our product. We are confident they communicate what the exciting future holds for you with our product in the palm of your hands; we are excited for you to have the most useful, most intelligent, and most market-savvy product available at your fingertips! We hope you are just as excited as we are to see how Daneel impacts the crypto world. Get used to this assertive image; it’s about to become what you see every time you need help in the crypto world.

Stay tuned: