Project Update #4 — New Partnership with Paymium and New Advisors

Our dev team is nearly complete, and as such development is moving at a quick pace. The product will be launched as expected by Q4 2018, with an accompanying launch event to take place in Paris in October. A product demo has been released on Youtube showcasing new features being developed within GoogleHome. Post launch event we will publish an article including an updated roadmap and product status, along with information concerning the event itself. In the coming weeks, we will be able to show you more product features.


Daneel partnered with Paymium

We are delighted to announce you our partnership with the French Coinbase: Paymium! Like Coinbase and GDAX, Paymium offers the same service range allowing Bitcoin buying, selling and trading. It also offers Bitcoin payment integration for merchants. As the European leader, Paymium is the most regulated and secured Bitcoin exchange. They will also run an ICO to launch a decentralized crypto-exchange: In regards to our partnership, our two companies will be able to collaborate on the feasability of an integration from one platform to another or on a communication between the two systems for any data in order to enrich the two services.

AMON — Daneel Partnership Update
Now that Daneel and Amon are listed on exchanges, it is time to swap the tokens between our two companies! Daneel delivered 1,000,000 (One Million) Daneel tokens (DAN) to Amon and Amon delivered 6,097,561 Amon tokens (AMN) to Daneel, swapped at the ICO price rate. The tokens reserved only for the companies have been sent to an address where they will be blocked for the agreed time. This token swap consolidates our partnership.

Following your many remarks concerning marketing and your dedication to making Daneel known, we have decided to give our most engaged members an official way to get involved with Daneel. That’s why we have decided to launch an Ambassador program to reach more leads and grow our community in a concerted effort to encourage the ongoing adoption of Daneel. For more details please read this Medium article.

We are also welcoming new Advisors in the team! The one called the French “Guru ot the Internet” Jean Michel Billaut is joining our effort, Jonathan Fianu from PredictX and Konstantin Denisenko from our partner Cryptorobotics, will help us on the product development. For more info, read the Medium article.

At the end of May, we were at the famous Startup event Latitude59 in Tallinn, Estonia. It is described as the flagship startup & tech event of e-Estonia — the world’s first digital society. This was a great opportunity for Daneel to make valuable connections with investors and other startups in the AI field. This event satisfied our networking desires and convinced us to be an exhibitor at the next Latitude59 event. For full event report please read this Medium article.

Our next event will be held on June 27–28 for the Blockchain Expo 2018 co-hosted with IoT Expo and AI Expo in Amsterdam, to make three shots in one go!

DAN token is now tradable on the Hong Kong based exchange They organized a contest for the top DAN traders. Moreover, a contest is currently underway with Bitfineon, the community voting to list new tokens started on May 31st, you still have till tomorrow to vote. Please check the Medium article for full details.

What’s next?

We will propose you to vote between several exchanges to list your DAN token. We have already negotiated the listing on the exchanges, we must now choose which one. That’s why we need your help to choose the best. Official announcement will follow as soon as everything is ready.

Daneel’s Team

Stay tuned guys: