VIP Beta Testers’ feedback — William Bryant, American Express

Hello Daneelers,

we continue with our VIP Beta Tester’s feedback with William Bryant former director at American Express.

“This version of Daneel has been the culmination of many months of hard work by the whole Daneel team and elements of the wider community that have supported testing and other initiatives. For any successful product a high quality team is required and this shows clearly that Daneel has this in place and it is amazing to see the progress that has been achieved both on the surface and behind the scenes. It is this progress and ongoing trajectory that positions Daneel for tremendous future growth which should ultimately result in Daneel becoming a household name for crypto currency research. All concerned should be very proud of reaching this milestone, well done!”

As former Director of Global Platform Solution, William was able to share his experience in a complex and challenging environment. William has offered strong advice concerning the anticipated behaviour of our users as well as service payment and the ergonomics of our platform.

Stay tuned for other VIP reviews!