We are pleased to announce our selection for Facebook’s Startup Garage!

Daneel Assistant
Mar 26, 2019 · 3 min read

After presenting Daneel to a Facebook jury, we caught their full attention and finally became one of the 10 French startups among hundred candidates selected for the six-month “Startup Garage” program for projects whose value lays in the use of data in their business model.

To support the 10 Parisian startups for 6 months, the teams of La Javaness, a figure in the incubation of startups specialized in AI, will work with Facebook’s Startup Garage. The objective of the program is to contribute to the success of the new generation of startups in France. We will have the opportunity to interact with Facebook leaders who will help us to achieve our goals and push our innovative ideas even further.

Daneel will be boosted by Facebook experts

Mentoring is one of the main pillars of the program. When startups join the program, a Facebook expert helps them develop their business strategy, and provides ongoing support throughout the program. As you might suspect, they are in contact with some of the world’s best engineers and Facebook’s marketing experts, who will be on our hands. The 10 lucky elected representatives will participate in workshops and events dedicated to the privacy by design approach. We will also have access to the first-class workspace with state-of-the-art facilities thanks to the partnership between Station F and Facebook.

“We are honored to have been selected by Facebook, we continue to innovate and move forward day after day, and this unique incubation program will allow us to go even further in the way we collect and analyze data.” Joseph Bedminster, CEO à Daneel.

Facebook’s first global initiative to help data startups

Launched in January 2018 by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, the “Startup Garage from Facebook” is Facebook’s first global initiative dedicated to supporting and accompanying young companies working on data recovery projects to create services that are useful in everyday life. Great ideas can quickly take off when startups are given space and support to develop together and learn from each other.

That’s why Startup Garage offers an ideal opportunity: Startups are installed in the heart of the ecosystem for 6 months, and benefit from a unique program led by global experts and Facebook mentors, with tailor-made advice, monthly meetings and workshops to develop their business and become familiar with the aspects related to their activity.

Facebook was born from a strong startup ecosystem that allowed it to move forward and innovate quickly, and that’s why it is committed, with its Startup Garage, to supporting the next generation of startup success stories in France.

The program starts on March 27th with a data bootcamp during which we will define our objectives in terms of data metrics. A UX Research workshop will follow on April 11 and 12 at Station F. There will be about one workshop per month until the end of the program on October 24.

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