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How did Danford Works come into your life?

My friend/teammate, Rolanda Bell, told me about Danford Works after a 5K race in upper Manhattan. She noticed my running form was off during the race and suspected my left hip was acting up again. She certainly was right! I had been experiencing pain in my left hip/quad since 2016 and felt as if I had seen every PT in NYC without a correct diagnosis, much less the proper treatment. Rolanda told me about Auren and I emailed him as soon as I got back to my apartment. Since then it’s been one of the most important emails I have ever sent! Since my first session with Auren, I have made significant progress with my hip impingement.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is Mile repeats on the track at 5K pace. This workout can be challenging, but it is a great way to assess fitness at any point in the season. I have struggled with this workout in the past, especially when my left leg would fatigue, after 2 or 3 intervals. However, I always come back to workout looking to run my best splits yet.

How do you fuel your workouts?

My routine is rather simple. I usually try to have either toast or an English muffin with peanut butter and chia seeds before a workout or race. Post-workout I have a recovery drink (Endurox R4). My favorite fueling option during a long workout or race are Maurten caffeinated gels.

Favorite place to run?

My favorite place to run would have to be Central Park. Not only does Central Park offer numerous running routes and incredible scenery, the Bridle Path offers a soft and bouncy surface most times of the year. Above all, you are bound to run into friends at any point during your run and can even make new running buddies.

What is your go-to method to unwind?

I usually unwind by watching movies or streaming new content on Netflix, etc. On recovery days I love to take a nap while in my NormaTec recovery boots.

What are your fitness/wellness goals for 2022?

My biggest fitness goal for 2022 is to run a personal best in the Marathon. I ran 2:39:04 at the California International Marathon in 2021 and would like to take several minutes off my time in 2022. Thanks to the progress I have made with Auren’s incredible help, I have run personal bests in both the 4 Mile and 10 Mile distances this year. I will be racing the Grandma’s Half Marathon in June in Minnesota and look forward to besting my time of 1:16:57.



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