The Gnolls

Keep in Mind

The gnolls of my Ærth, though yours may differ, look remarkably human. In fact, there are times when they are mistaken for human. There is one important difference however, the large brawny ones of size 1.25 are the women. Gnoll men come in at size 0.75 and generally tend to be the weaker of the two sexes. In fact gnoll ladies tend to have multiple husbands and it is they who take care of the house and the family. ‘Bout the only thing maternal the mother does is to nurse the infant.

Gnolls are proud, bossy, stubborn, and tend to look upon humans with distaste. The men for thinking themselves better than what they are, and the women for being servile and frail when every good gnoll knows that it’s the woman who’s in charge.

So among the gnolls of Ærth, it is the women who are masculine, the men who are effeminate, and gnoll babies who decide what takes precedence in the typical gnoll home.

Yet and still gnolls are a handsome people, well formed and seemly. Men and women are skilled at arms, and both are graceful in their movements. Where the representational arts it is the men who sculpt, with the women moving the heaving objects around for them. On the other hand, it is the women who have the eye for drawing, painting, and cloth. In fact gnoll artists paint and dress their statues — where dress is appropriate, and do the job with such fidelity those not in the know can mistake the art for a living creature.

For the most part Ærth’s gnolls live on their own in hamlets and small villages. When they live among humans, elves, or dwarfs they congregate into neighborhoods, or communities when their population is large enough.

It is gnoll women who serve most often in the combat arm of any military, while the men serve in support. Both have magick to at least the same extent as a human does, though fewer have the chance to be a Full Practitioner — shift the DR one worse when rolling against MRP or SMP for determination.

At the same time it is gnoll men who have the best chance to be a Full Practitioner in Herbalism, gaining the same advantages as a human in Dweomercræfting and Priestcræfting, or a ddwarf in Smithing. In their case should they otherwise qualify the roll against Psychic Power is made at one DR better.

Now keep in mind that gnolls just don’t have any incentive to be a Witch, Witchcræfter, or Sorcerer because they are comfortable with their lives and tend to treat each other decently. There are gnoll necromancers, but they are free agnts by and large.

When dealing with a gnoll from Ærth remember that the keywords are honor, fortitude, grace, and competence. And never forget your manners.

Originally published at Dangerous Journeys.

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