Caspar Vega
Dangerous Stories
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1 min readJun 27, 2019


Would anyone like a cup of tea?
No but I’ll tell you what
Pour that water over me
And make my breathing stop

Who’s coming to the Christmas bash?
Not me but here’s a plan
Turn that tie into a lash
And hit as hard as you can

Did you get the meeting memo?
Ignored but listen here
Take that keyboard that you have
And thrash me ear to ear

Exciting content coming up
Who wants to take the lead?
Nah but smash that coffee cup
Those shards could make me bleed

Keep up the good work, everyone
There’s no “i” in “team”
No but there’s one in “machine gun”
Let’s outsource the scream

Have you tried multitasking?
Yes and here’s my issue
I can’t choke with all my might
If I have to hold the tissue

Ten years and seven summers
Grinding like a slave
Time to start living off the land
And rethink that cave