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Dangerous Stories

Paradise is Falling Apart

I swear to God this mask was different when I got it
Shiny, glittering, and bright — that’s why I fucking bought it

Now it’s like a part of some Halloween ensemble
And if you pull the strap too hard, it’ll up and crumble

I remember that choosing it didn’t take much time
Can’t remember anyone else waiting in the line

I asked the clerk if I could owe him and he said: “If you must”
Had to wear it for a decade before the trick was bust

So strongly they gave advice that their foreheads glistened
Have you met me, motherfucker? Have I ever listened?

I’m not blind to the fact that I have a prince’s pride
That don’t mean my methods ain’t sometimes justified

You can prep for getting hit and spar in some ditch
Once the knuckles land, it’ll still hurt like a bitch

Present me with an outlet for my unique kind of power
No offer in existence I wouldn’t drop within the hour

The duality within us all has another layer
Secret character popping up — are you ready, player?

One face to rule them all, another one to find them
And now a third to finalize the tie and bind them

Always hated snakes, so fancied myself Perseus
With these new revelations, turns out that I’m Cerberus

We’ll create our own paradise before it’s time to go
And from the dust and dirt and ashes, gorgeous flowers grow



Stories that wouldn’t get published elsewhere.

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