dangled thoughts

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Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

A moment of clarity. A swift kick in the butt. A come to Jesus meeting.

Names and idioms aside, there is a frozen moment in time where you are given a full stop on all of life. Usually from unexpected places, or just when you’re lost. Hopelessly lost.

It could be that it’s masked, cloaked in something that isn’t what it first appears. Like an evil thing that harms you or (worse) your loved ones. But then “aha!” and you realize there’s so much more going on and you gain that moment of clarity.

Or it could be delivered in…

What I learned from my eye-opening encounter with the king of charisma, President Bill Clinton.

SWAT from the local police stood in a small walled-off foyer inside a large hotel conference center. Their eyes surveilled behind large dark sunglasses as I and a select few dozen business technologists and solution providers were ushered through security.

“Empty your pockets here. No personal photos. No autographs.”

Palpable was the intrigue and mounting excitement of meeting a former President of the United States. (See how I wrote that so formally?) Everyone was chatting away like elementary school children in line for early dismissal on the last day of the school year. Instead of hearing bits and pieces of…

dangled thoughts

at times abstractions, or contemplations, perhaps…

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