Digital transformation website

The Brief

The project was developed for a Spanish bank, the challenge was to create a site that would form part of the bank’s intranet that served as a channel to disseminate information and resources related to the digitization process that the bank seeks to generate.

The challenge was to create a website that would serve as a space to encourage collaboration among employees and boost the consumption of internal information.

What i did

I was involved in the entire UX process, which lasted for 2 months, then worked with the design team to create an interface that was able to adapt to the corporate image of the company and in turn meet all the cognitive requirements which we sought to generate at the time of solving usability problems. Finally, work as a product owner directly with the development team so that the product maintained the design and interaction guidelines that we had defined throughout the project.

The process

1.- Research / discovery

At this stage it was important to understand the context in which the problem developed. The first challenge we faced was to understand how the bank employees were consuming the information. We conducted a series of interviews with Bank employees to find out what their problems were when using the bank’s media.

One of the things that we also validated in the interview was what would be the concept of a perfect communication medium for employees, which invites them to: read, share and participate. This information allowed us to take the necessary insight to realize the different Journeys of the site as well as to construct the different personas who would use the site.

2.- Designing the Experience

We started working on an information architecture that would be composed of a timeline where the employee could see all the recent content. The time line is built using a set of cards, the design of the cards provide flexibility to the publisher for publish information without the need to maintain the same content scheme (featured photo or introduction text).

Timeline Screenshot

A functionality that provides value to the user is the favorites section, it stores all the content that the user wants to read later, seeking to create an engagement and allow him to create his own reading list.

To encourage discussion and exchange of ideas, employees have complementary actions such as: (make like a content, share it on social networks or make a comment in an article). In the information architecture we contemplate a section of forum with a dynamic of question and answer design, allowing to create an environment that promotes the collaboration and the exchange of information.

Forum Screenshot

To solve the need for a recurrence of website use we created a section called “my activity”, which shows the user a summary of all his actions throughout the site, this allows him to keep in constant contact with people who interact with All the content that the user has generated in the site.

Finally, the user has a transversal search engine that allows him to find all the content along the different sections and typologies of contents.

3.- Release

Design Screenshot — Credits: Juan De La Torre

Credits: I have developed this project in the company Opinno as UX consultant

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