Dank Memer Update 9/10

Holy cow this was a bad weekend

Let me first start off by saying, I’m sorry for all the downtime. You may be wondering why Dank Memer was down for almost two days…

  1. Discord is giving us connection issues, and we don’t know why or how to fix them.
  2. Our first deployment of the update had a TON of bugs we didn’t find before. Our error logs were moving 10,000mph.

You can read more about what happened and why in the last paragraph of this article.

Update Notes

There are a ton, so I’m going to make it quick and only cover the large points.

Removed commands:

All sound commands are TEMPORARILY removed. There is a large bug that would have pushed the update back at least another week or two that we decided wasn’t worth waiting for.

MOST NSFW commands have been moved to donor only. Not for a money grab, but purely because this isn’t a porn bot. If you want the SAME COMMANDS for FREE, add this bot: https://discordbotlist.com/bots/285480424904327179

Premium Memer bot is PERMANENTLY offline… for good reason

New stuff:

  • ton of new mod commands, including massnick and snipe
  • 10 new image commands
  • some new “fun” commands
  • some new utility commands
  • autoresponses and more config options
  • enabling or disabling whole categories at once
  • link command for automatic patreon perks
  • autoposting nsfw for donors
  • auto posting memes for donors
  • music for donors
  • tags for donors
  • a subscribe system, so you get messages when a new update is out
  • and much much more, go explore the update!

Major changes:

  • premium bot is now within the main bot, no more two separate things!
  • [DISABLED — COMING BACK SOON] custom sfx now take mp3 and twice as high of a file size
  • [DISABLED — COMING BACK SOON] Sound commands are much faster and more reliable
  • New error codes, easier for us to find out what happened and fix things
  • Code is open source again
  • Currency has been changed. Less complicated, more memey, more winning.
  • Trivia no longer is currency based. Now has a shorter cooldown and longer time to answer.

Known issues:

  • pls genderguess just straight up doesn’t work, and it’s kind of funny tbh
  • Sound based commands are disabled while we work out a bug that causes a massive memory leak and lots of errors
  • sometimes it takes a hot second for patreon link command to work, up to an hour (thanks patreon api)
  • the hootyboi (owl command) doesn’t work and this is depressing
  • cannot convert NaN to blah blah blah, this will be fixed soon. Maybe embarrasedwithin the next day or two.

So what happened?

Well, discord is kinda being a bootyhole to us for some reason. Our shards don’t want to connect when starting and it takes multiple hours to boot the bot right now.

So when the update first came out, there were A TON of issues that needed to be fixed. So naturally, we rebooted. But the connection issues got even worse, and we weren’t able to get connected again until tonight.

There are still connection issues, so any hotfixes after this update will be slow to make sure we get it right the first time. Because who knows if we’ll be able to reboot again…

Sorry for the hassle, we’re very embarrassed. We’ll get the hotfixes out soon, and hopefully over time you’ll find us dank again :Feelsbadman: