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Dank Monthly Updates: September 2021

September Updates of Dank

After the countless testing by our team and community in the past few months, we are striving to make more progress and improvements in Dank Protocol, aiming to allow all valuable crypto assets to obtain multi diversified financial services, and to create a sustainable development for scientific and financial foundation. We have consolidated our milestones and achievements in this progress update.

🛠Product Development🛠

  • Launched Arbitrum Testnet Rinkeby

On September 16th, Dank Protocol has decided to launch support on Arbitrum to scale the network while being compatible with Ethereum. Arbitrum shows the capability of reducing gas costs and network congestion, which is a user-friendly alternative for a sustainable development.

More about Dank on Arbitrum: 👉 Layer 2 Bridge Tutorial (Arbitrum)

  • Testnet Bridge Interface

Besides launching on Arbitrum, we have also docked with an interface for Arbitrum Testnet Bridge. This interface is provided for a better experience for our users.

Path To The Bridge:👉 https://app.dank-protocol.com/#/

  • Launched Testing Phase

Dank’s Fixed Rate Market is an open source fixed interest rate protocol based on the Dank lending protocol. On the basis of the variable interest rate of Dank protocol, it innovatively adopts a fixed interest rate controlled by an algorithm mechanism. Users will have a more diversified profit portfolio through a combination model of risk guarantee pool and order pool. In the Market, holders with interest-bearing tokens will have chances to gain additional profit and lock in their future earnings in advance. Meanwhile, it allows traders directly access to the future profit without using underlying collateral.

More Info: 👉 Fixed Rate Market

  • Dank-Punk

As a return to our communities and participants of Public Beta event, we distributed our native NFTs of Dank Protocol, and we named it Dank-Punk. Dank-Punk is the genesis identity NFT of Dank Protocol. It is an extremely simple and adorable pixel character, and every single one of it represents a unique individual. The difference of style will also be defined by different attributes or personalities.

More info about DANK-NFT:👉 DANK-NFT Attributes

  • Blind Box

Moreover, we also launched Blind Box for enthusiasts. The Blind Box page is an unique interface for purchasing Dank-Punk, where enthusiasts can get Dank-Punks by drawing blind boxes. Each Dank-Punk is randomly composed of blind boxes, and each extraction is a random combination of different basis elements, which means everyone is equal and transparency while obtaining DANK-NFT.

Path to Blind Box: 👉 https://box.dank-protocol.com/#/


  • Retweet Event

We held a retweet event on Twitter, and anyone who has Dank-Punk are able to participate. Participants are required to make a tweet with their Dank-Punk and @Dank_Protocol. We will retweet the 10 most interesting tweets and those users will share 200USDT.

More Info: 👉 Retweet Event

  • Telegram Sticker Contest

We held a sticker contest on Telegram to invite outstanding creators from the blockchain community. Anyone is free to join it and participants were required to design a set of at least 5 stickers which are relevant to the name of Dank Protocol, $DANK, DANK-PUNK, DeFi, Lending; or other names related to Dank Protocol. The rewarder is voted by the community. Eventually, we had 13 talented winners and we are so grateful to have all these participants from the community.

More Info: 👉 Telegram Sticker Contest

  • Dank & Kriptobi Community

On September 21st, 2021(EST), we held a wonderful AMA in the official telegram group of the Kriptobi community, which we discussed about our future expectation of Dank. During the AMA of Kriptobi & Dank, our community lead and community development (European & American) introduced about Dank Protocol’s product features, future plans and goals, as well as our original NFT, DANK-PUNK’s future prospects.

AMA Record: 👉 AMA Discussion

  • Dank & Odaily

On September 23rd, 2021(EST), our co-founder & CTO Shadow was invited to Odaily’s community for an AMA. During the AMA, Shadow explained in detail about how to increase the funds utilization through a「Fixed + Variable」interest rate hybrid protocol.

More Info about Fixed Rate: 👉 Fixed-rate Market

🚀Next Steps🚀

We’ve been working on quite a few improvements on security and user experience with Dank. We are finally back on track now to prepare for upcoming Mainnet launches scheduled in Q4. In the near term, you might witness a series of epochal products spring up. Stay tuned!!!👏

Last but not least, we would love to hear from you no matter what. Reach out to us on 👇

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram



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