Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Season 6 Bout 2

The Tilted Thunder Rail Birds hosted their second bout of Season 6 on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. The evening featured the Saint Hellions skating against the Sugar Skulls in the first game and Royal Crush taking on the Rolling Blackouts in the second game.

The Saint Hellions had the advantage with a more experienced bench and took an early lead in the game. The Sugar Skulls fought hard to reduce the point deficit, but the Hellions maintained their lead with smart jamming and formidable blocking walls. The Saint Hellions defeated the Sugar Skulls 142–106.

Royal Crush and the Rolling Blackouts faced off in a rematch of last season’ championship game. The Rolling Blackouts came from behind to beat the then-undefeated Royal Crush to take home the championship. Last night’s game was a different story. Royal Crush completely dominated on both offense and defense, taking a 146–27 lead in the first half. Crush’s unstoppable jammers and impenetrable walls continued causing trouble for the Rolling Blackouts in the second half. Royal Crush handily won the game 263–56.

Here are some photos from the games:

The full album is at http://photography.dannyngan.com/p763590064.

Season 6 Bout 3 will be on Saturday, December 16, 2017. The Saint Hellions will skate against Royal Crush, and the Sugar Skulls will skate against the Rolling Blackouts.