12 photos from a quick Saturday afternoon stroll.

Whenever I go on one of my weekend photo strolls, I’m typically out for about 3+ hours. I like to take my time exploring a neighborhood or two to really observe what is going on and get some nice photos. Sometimes I’ll hang out on a corner for a while to watch the scene unfold. Sometimes I’ll walk up and down a street or circle around the block a few times to move with the crowds.

I’m not always able to take that much time for a stroll, so I get in what I can between commitments. Margaret recently went through major surgery, and I can’t be away too long just in case she needs my assistance. I took advantage of one of her naps this past Saturday to take a quick walk down to Pioneer Square and back.

As usual, my walking route took me from the Central District through the International District, down through Pioneer Square to Occidental Park, and then back up to the Central District. Here are 12 of my favorite images from the stroll.

Shot 1: Street Vendors.

A couple of street vendors frequent the side of Dong Hing Market in Little Saigon. They usually sell a variety of random items like sunglasses, small purses, makeup packs, and jackets. I always wonder how much product the vendors sell, because the bins are always completely full.

Shot 2: Morning Vegetables.

In the mornings, these women pack in cases of fresh produce to sell on street corners. Most of the produce consists of cilantro, melons, eggplants, and fresh leafy greens. There are always people purchasing bags of produce from them and happily chatting away.

Shot 3: Regal.

A lone Regal is parked in an empty lot next to one of the many markets in the ID. I almost never see any cars parked there (I pass by on all of my strolls into the ID). Not entirely sure why. The graffiti on the walls change frequently depending on when the walls have been power washed. I particularly liked the bit of sun flare I got as I was framing up the shot. I’m a sucker for flare.

Shot 4: Watching the Photographer.

Whenever I see other photographers out and about on their own, I always wonder what they’re photographing. What catches their eyes? What do they see that is interesting that I may not have seen? This photographer spend about 10 minutes framing up shots in an alley in Pioneer Square. I’m not entirely sure what he was photographing, but he had plenty of gear with him (watched him change lenses on a couple of bodies).

Shot 5: Rainier and Patriotism.

As I was crossing the street to Occidental Park, a group of motorcycles pulled up to the light. The lead motorcycle was decorated with Rainier Beer logos and sporting an American flag. This isn’t exactly a Seattle-like thing, but, at the same time, I’m not at all surprised I saw this in Seattle.

Shot 6: Olson Kundig’s Ice Cube.

Seattle Design Festival was taking place in Occidental Park, and one of the featured exhibits was Olson Kundig’s Ice Cube. There was a great of press leading up to the weekend, and I just had to see the giant block of ice myself. It was pretty impressive. It was comprised of several smaller bricks of ice and have various melting patterns depending on where people had been rubbing the ice. My favorite was a hand print on one of the blocks. This is clearly a man-made object that was meant to naturally melt, but having a handprint on the ice added a human touch.

Shot 7: Exploring the seawall via VR.

Weber Thompson set up an exhibit that featured VR explorations of various Seattle areas. Seattle Design Festival was made up of primarily real-world interactive installations, so the use of VR stood out as a novelty. As an observer, it was entertaining to watch people spin around and move their heads up and down as they adjusted the VR views. It was almost like performance art.

Shot 8: Marshmallow and Straw Construction.

Seattle Design Festival is all about user engagement and interaction. One of the more popular installations asked visitors to build whatever they wanted with marshmallows and straws. I was intrigued by the contrast between the stable yet rigid brick walls with the free-form and lightweight marshmallow and straw constructions. This exhibit was very popular with the kids.

Shot 9: Chess in Occidental Park.

Occidental Park is a great place to hangout. They have plenty of food and drink in the area as well as a games for people to play. You can always find someone playing games in the park.

Shot 10: Hard at work at Zeitgeist Coffee.

Even though it was a sunny Saturday afternoon, Zeitgeist Coffee was packed with people working on their laptops. School recently started up again, so I imagine that some students would want to get ahead on their homework on the weekend. Also, Zeitgeist is a popular hangout for freelancers, who pretty much don’t ever get breaks from their work.

Shot 11: I hate it here.

No idea who made this sticker, but I like the counter message written above it. I love Seattle.

Shot 12: Fly away, crow.

Crows are amazing birds. They are incredibly intelligent and resourceful. Most of the crows that frequent the International District coexist with the pigeons and humans perfectly well. I never see them fight with anything or anyone, and they do what they can with the discarded food they find. Like most of the pigeons in the city, they really don’t fear humans much. I was able to within 5' of this crow before he flew off. I think he was just annoyed with me.

All images photographed with my Fujifilm X100T. Editing and metadata were handled with Photo Mechanic. Toning and retouching were done in Lightroom CC with VSCO Film.

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