2015 WFTDA Championships

Shiver Me Kimbers (blue) of the Minnesota Rollergirls jumps the apex against the Texas Rollergirls wall.

On November 6–8, 2015, I had the pleasure of working on the photography crew at the 2015 WFTDA International Championships at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota. 16 teams representing 3 countries competed in 2 single-elimination tournaments to determine Division 1 and Division 2 champions. Here are my favorite moments from the weekend.

Members of the Rose City Rollers look on during a memorial for their coach Robin Ludwig (a.k.a. Rob Lobster) who recently passed away after a battle with cancer.
Lady Fury (Blue 5ft3) of the Nashville Rollergirls screams as she pushes through a blocker from the Sacred City Derby Girls.
Shear-Ra Powers (Pink 1057) of the Arch Rival Roller Girls and Kat Von Skratchereyezout (Black 13) of the Jacksonville Roller Girls help Krispy Kreme-Her (Black 00) get up after being knocked down during a jam.
Real-life sisters Chica Go Lightning (Red 16) of the Angel City Derby Girls and Astrid Suchy-Dicey (White 4) of the Rat City Rollergirls serve time in the penalty box.
Swish Cariboom (Blue 138) of Victorian Roller Derby League from Melbourne, Australia, calls off the jam in mid-air against the Texas Rollergirls.
Stefanie Mainey (Black 13) of the London Rollergirls leaps past Mickispeedia (White 1337) of the Angel City Derby Girls.
Referee Major Wood drops low to the track for a better view of the wall of skaters from Jacksonville Roller Girls and Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
Swish Cariboom comforts Tui Lyon (88) of Victorian Roller Derby League after a heartbreaking 2-point semi-final loss to #1 seed Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
A baby pegacorn accompanies her parents in the Rose City Rollers cheering section.
Napolean Blownapart of the Rose City Rollers leads a cheer in the Rose City fan section.
The Rose City Rollers celebrate an 11-point win against defending champions Gotham Girls Roller Derby, who won the last four championships and were undefeated for five years.
Tournament MVP Scald Eagle of the Rose City Rollers raises her arm in celebration after the Rose City Rollers won the 2015 WFTDA Championship.
Whitney Griffin of the Rose City Rollers clutches the Hydra and mugs for the camera during the awards ceremony.

You can see my complete set of photos from the tournament on my website at http://photography.dannyngan.com/rollerderby/2015-wftda-championships.