Emerald City Comicon 2016

This year’s Emerald City Comicon was a bit different for me. In previous years I volunteered my photography services in Garrison Titan’s Star Wars photo booth. I spent the whole weekend covering all things Star Wars but rarely got the chance to much of the rest of the con. This year, instead of working in the booth, I got a press pass and wandered around the entire con taking photos of everything else. While I did miss spending time with my friends in Garrison Titan, it was nice being a free agent and photographing whatever caught my eye.

Most of my focus this year was on the fantastic cosplay at ECCC. I am always amazed at the skill and dedication of the cosplay artists and hope to do them justice with my photos. Here is a selection of my favorite costumes and photos:

You can see the rest of my photos from Emerald City Comicon on my site at http://photography.dannyngan.com/eccc/2016/.

Originally published at thedannyn.wordpress.com on April 10, 2016.