Week in Photos: August 1, 2016

An African dance class taught by Guinea Master Dance Instructor Youssouf Kumbassa at Pratt Park in the Central District. Seattle, WA. July 2016.

Summer is in full-swing in Seattle. The weather has been consistently in the upper-70s and 80s. People are spending time enjoying outdoor activities. Tourists are flooding the market, which makes for great people-watching.

The bulk of this week’s photos were taken on a stroll through Pike Place Market, downtown Seattle, and Capitol Hill. I had a rare day to myself, and I decided to capitalize on the nice weather to wander around with my camera. It was invigorating to simply walk about and observe life happening in the city. If I had my way, I’d be able to do this every day. I’ll just settle for being able to do big photo strolls on weekends.

One of our neighbors watches the sunset from the roof deck of our apartment complex after going for his evening run. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
Our next-door neighbor’s dog Gracie lounges on the balcony on a particularly warm summer evening. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
One of my favorite versions of spam musubi is served at Super Six in Columbia City. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
A junior string quartet entertains a captive audience at Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
Phinneas, a 23-year-old African gray parrot, is a regular performer at Pike Place Market. He is smart, funny, and very friendly. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
Tourists flood into Post Alley at Pike Place Market to experience the Gum Wall. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
A wild and energetic pianist dazzles the crowd at Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. July 2016.
The proprietor of Leroy Menswear stands in the doorway of his shop waiting for his next customer. Seattle, WA. July 2016
A group of performers dressed in Sasquatch costumes marched around Cal Anderson Park screaming phrases like “Are there rare Pokemon here?” and “All Sasquatch Lives Matter!” Seattle, WA. July 2016.
Local basketball players watch a 3-point attempt fly through the air at Cal Anderson Park. Seattle, WA. July 2016.

All images photographed with my Fujifilm X100T. Editing and metadata handled with Photo Mechanic. Toning and retouching done in Lightroom CC with VSCO Film.