Week in Photos: August 15, 2016

Roller derby portrait, Seattle summer, good eats and drinks.

Here are my top 5 photos from the past week:

1. Can’t Keep Me Down.

My main project for the week was photographing head shots for the Jet City Rollergirls. Most of the photos end up being standard derby head shots, but, every once in a while, I get to shoot portraits like this one of Chic-Lets Rock. Rocky was out most of last season with an injury, and fighting back has been a struggle. She is an amazing skater who is always fun to photograph on the track. I hope she is back on skates soon.

(PS: I’ll be doing another blog post soon about the Jet City head shots.)

2. Another sunset in Seattle.

The sunsets in Seattle at this time of year are quite beautiful. On clear nights, we have deep blues and oranges in the sky with the city perfectly silhouetted against the sky. On nights with weather transitions, we get wonderful light patterns as the clouds swirl over the Olympics and into the Puget Sound. I’m fortunate to be able to catch both from the convenience of my apartment’s roof deck.

3. Summer al fresco dining.

This isn’t a good photograph from a technical standpoint, but it is a great reminder to me of how beautiful Seattle’s weather is in the summer. After a day of blazing hot and sunny 90° weather (that’s hot for us), it feels good to be out on the roof after sunset with a slight breeze. Clearly, many of neighbors had the same idea.

4. Chicken fried steak at Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge.

I’m a sucker for a good chicken fried steak breakfast. It’s totally unhealthy but oh-so-tasty. Margaret and I went to Lost Lake in Capitol Hill for the first time, and I just had to try their chicken fried steak. It was pretty amazing. It had a savory sausage gravy on top, two over-medium eggs, a huge pile of hash browns, and a couple of thick wedges of Texas toast. I only ate half of it at breakfast and had the leftovers for a late lunch. Definitely going back for more.

5. Aaron and Seth at Quinn’s.

Quinn’s is one of our favorite hangouts. Great drinks, tasty food, and excellent crew. Aaron and Seth are two of our favorite bartenders. They do a great job of taking care of us, and they’re cool guys. They’re usually pretty busy mixing drinks and helping other patrons, so it’s rare for me to get clean photos of them. This photo was taken during a rare lull in service.

Image of Chic-Lets Rock photographed with my Nikon D600 and 24–70/2.8. All other images photographed with my Fujifilm X100T. Editing and metadata were handled with Photo Mechanic. Toning and retouching were done in Lightroom CC with VSCO Film.