Week in Photos: August 22, 2016

It was a hot week in Seattle. Temperatures averaged in the upper-80s, and the weekend peaked in the 90s. That’s not nearly as hot as some other areas of the US, but it was definitely toasty for us.

Even with the heat, it was nice to get outside to enjoy the summer weather. Sometimes it was actually more comfortable outside, because it was too stuffy inside (not a lot of A/C around these parts) and there was a nice ocean breeze coming in from the sound.

Most mornings were very comfortable and made for nice strolls around the office park at work. I was able to get some nice photos of morning dew on grass, but I did get chewed up my mosquitoes.

Our apartment roof deck has recently been renovated with all new furniture, new gas grills, and string lights for evening dining. With the peak temperatures hitting between 4–7pm, most residents decided to dine outside after 8pm. The view didn’t hurt.

As I was walking to dinner on night, I noticed that the light on one of the regular buskers at Broadway and Pike in Capitol Hill has exceptionally awesome light on him. I slowed down and snapped a few photos while he was doing his best Jimi Hendrix impression. Not perfectly focused, but the light and pose are just right.

During one particularly hot evening, I sat on the floor by our balcony door to try to get as much cool breeze on me as possible. I watched a spider crawl around his web under a planter and saw the sunset happening behind him. Of course, I had to take a photo.

My whole weekend was spent photographing Star Wars Weekend with the Seattle Mariners. This family was perfectly dressed, and they clearly know how to pose for photos.

This First Order stormtrooper broke from ranks to get a snack at the concession stand. I think the server was absolutely confused by this situation.

Darth Vader is normally a very popular character, but I think this little Griffey fan was a bit intimidated to be alone with him.

When I wasn’t photographing Star Wars characters with their fans, I got to photograph some baseball for the very first time. My credentials didn’t give me access to the field during the game, but I could photograph from anywhere else. This shot of Robinson Cano hitting an RBI against the Brewers was taken from the main concourse on level 100.

All in all, it was a good photo week. I like that I was able to get a good mix of personal and work images. Even with the client project, I put my personal spin on things.

All images photographed with a Fujifilm X100T and a Nikon D600 with a 24–70/2.8 and a 70–200/2.8. Editing and metadata were handled with Photo Mechanic. Toning and retouching were done in Lightroom CC with VSCO Film.

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