Week in Photos: August 29, 2016

This week was all about spending time outside and enjoying the last bits of summer weather. Even though it was another hot week in Seattle, the clouds started rolling in again and the temperatures dropped noticeably. Fall is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to more moderate temperatures and fall colors.

There have been a couple of forest fires in the Olympics causing some interesting sunsets. Rich oranges and reds have been gracing the horizons making very beautiful photos, but the causes are less than ideal.

There are usually several skaters practicing jumps and other tricks on one of the courts at Cal Anderson Park. They are almost always men, so it’s very cool to see women skating. This woman was practicing ollies and kickflips and landing just about everything.

There was a petting zoo at the First Hill UUB (Union, University, and Boylston) Pavement Park. Animal Encounters brought goats, chickens, wallabies, pigs into the city for a joyous evening of playing with cute farm animals. Margaret and I didn’t actually go into the petting area, because the line was far too long, but we did get to pet some of the animals who hung out near the fences or were being carried by handlers.

As summer draws to a close, everyone starts having end-of-summer gatherings. Schemata Workshop (Margaret’s work) held their unofficial end-of-summer picnic at Cal Anderson Park on a toasty Friday evening. Blankets and chairs were setup under a wonderfully shaded area on the lawn, and much merriment was had. One of the highlights was a fun round of bocce ball after everyone had consumed a few drinks. There were shenanigans broken up once by Sam (a child of an employee) thoughtfully walking through the play area to go to his mom. He didn’t care that there was a game happening. He just wanted to walk to his mom.

After a couple of weeks of hot weather, it was very nice to have a couple of overcast evenings with temperatures in the 60s. I’m very much looking forward to more cloudy evenings, because they tend to make for more interesting sunsets.

During one of my regular weekend walkabouts, I happened upon a live art session in Occidental Park put on by the Gage Academy of Art. They had a model dressed as a matador and several easels set up with free art supplies. People stopped and drew or painted the model and then either took their art home with them or left them at the booth for an impromptu art gallery. This was a great way to publicize the school and engage the community.

The International District was booming with activity over the weekend with several activities including Celebrate Little Saigon, a festival celebrating Vietnamese culture. Local businesses setup booths with food and drink. There were live musical musical performances. The City of Seattle had some booths advertising various community initiatives and public transportation. The weather started to turn a bit, but that didn’t stop anyone from hanging out and having fun.

Another fun weekend festival took place just next door to my apartment building. The Kawabe House SummerFest is an annual summer festival organized by the Kawabe Memorial House to celebrate Asian food and culture. One of the featured entertainment acts is taiko drumming. This year, a troupe from Okinawa, Japan, flew in to participate in the festival and wow the audience with their perfectly timed beats and dance moves.

One of my favorite parts of the Kawabe SummerFest was a visit by The Reptile Man. He brought several reptiles to share including a tortoise, a young alligator, snakes, and lizards. Here he is helping some audience members hold a 10'-long burmese python. The scale of the snake was definitely intimidating, but he was incredibly calm and friendly.

All-in-all, it was quite a diverse and fun week. I’m glad that I take the time to go for walks to explore the city and experience local events. In addition to getting a bit of exercise, these walkabouts help me connect with the local community and see what the city has to offer. And, of course, I get to take some nice pictures of everything.

All images photographed with my Fujifilm X100T. Editing and metadata were handled with Photo Mechanic. Toning and retouching were done in Lightroom CC with VSCO Film.

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