Short and Long (long)

Jim sat alone in his car, eating lunch, when the phone rang, but a glance at the number and his hand froze in mid-air, unable, or just unwilling to risk making it all real; for he knew, deep down, what this call was and what it represented, even without needing to answer it; and for an instant he was older, looking back with crystal clarity at the moment that was yet to unfold; he could hear his father’s voice strained by late nights and restless sleep (if it could even be called such); could feel the grief, deep in his gut, where it churned and bubbled like a foaming sea, a warning sign for the danger threatening at any second to rise up and wash them both away even as they stumbled through the blessedly short conversation full of mumbled words of shared sorrow; but between them and the restless waves was the knowledge that there was work to do, the knowledge that there were other phone calls to hold and other decisions to make, that they were just beginning a journey that would require they shepherd each other and the family through; and so he answered the call as best he could, and when it was finally over he sat for some time, alone in his car with his hands and head curled on the steering wheel, sobbing at the knowledge that it was time to bury his father’s father.

Text playing with the idea of using semi-colons to help connect a single longer sentence.