Dan’s 5 Essential Elements of Quality Training

Here are five essential elements to keep in mind as you take a journey with me.


Be mindful of these five elements that make the difference between a positive, rewarding experience versus a hyped-up, over-priced online experience.

1 — Online DanTrep Training Should Help You Grow Personally and Professionally

Training without actual personal growth isn’t training.

2 — Superb Training Content

Dan’s been teaching and leading Essential Skills Programs for over 25 years.

3 — Mentor Works with Integrity

I’m here to tell you that if you want to build a life that matters, to live love, learn on your terms, and the terms of this near and dear to you, it will take some time and commitment on your part.

4 — Live Help When you Need it

Online Dan Trep training without easy access to live help is not valid. Even with excellent materials, you’ll have questions and want to get clarification.


5 — The Truth

If you’ve read somewhere that online coaching is nothing more than hype, you’ll be happy to learn that here I prefer the truth. You won’t catch me hyping up Essential Skills like snake-oil salespeople, selling their “secret sauce.”

I offer a reliable, results-oriented, and teachable set of skills. The results you get from applying DanTrep Essential Skills to your life are gratifying. There aren’t, however, any magical formulas, no matter what online trainers claim.

What can YOU do THIS WEEK to get exposed to new ways of thinking, doing and being?

Dan is a Canadian LGBTQ Mentor Coach, Writer, Sailor focused on helping creatives find; Significance, Connection, Belonging, Personal Growth and Contribution.

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